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These documents on Power Supplies (subtopic of Booster) are available:
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Beams-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
7522-v2 2019 Booster Studies Capstone Event Jeffrey Eldred Booster
Beam Dynamics
Power Supplies
Transverse Dynamics
Beam Physics
10 Oct 2019
6973-v2 Documentation for the Universal Clock Decoder discussions of support and updates. Craig C Drennan Controls
Front-end Systems
Power Supplies
Power Supplies
Data Acquisition
31 Jan 2019
4938-v1 New VXI board for GMPS Kiyomi Seiya Power Supplies
01 Sep 2015
4490-v1 Status of Pulser for Short Magnets Chris Jensen Power Supplies
04 Dec 2013
4179-v1 Booster Bias Supply & Test Stand Patrick G. Sheahan Power Supplies
18 Jul 2012
3368-v7 Booster Corrector Installation Data -- Shutdown 2009 Craig C Drennan Controls
Power Supplies
10 Sep 2009
2762-v5 Penetrations for Corrector Cables Craig C Drennan Power Supplies
29 Apr 2009
2988-v1 Impact of Electric Current Fluctuations Arising from Power Supplies on Charged-Particle Beams Phil S. Yoon Beam Dynamics
Power Supplies
24 Jan 2008
2863-v2 Conversion Between New Booster Correctors and Old Craig C Drennan Power Supplies
02 Oct 2007
2859-v11 Booster Corrector Installation Data -- Shutdown 2007 Craig C Drennan Controls
Power Supplies
19 Sep 2007
1883-v2 Booster Floor Plan Markup for New Corrector System Craig C Drennan Power Supplies
14 May 2007
2773-v3 Booster Corrector Power Cable Installation Details Craig C Drennan Power Supplies
14 May 2007
2584-v1 The Measurements and Analysis of Electromagnetic Interference arising from the Booster GMPS Weiren Chou et al. Beam Instrumentation
Power Supplies
11 Dec 2006
1882-v4 New Booster Corrector Magnet Power Amplifier Controls Specification Craig C Drennan Power Supplies
16 Aug 2006
1455-v1 GMPS Current Regulator ACNET Parameters Alex Waller et al. Front-end Systems
Power Supplies
Power Supplies
15 Nov 2004
1266-v1 GMPS VXI Regulator Documentation Bob Webber Power Supplies
Power Supplies
20 Jul 2004

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