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These documents on Accelerator Physics and Technology Seminar (subtopic of Regular Meetings) are available:
(List events on Accelerator Physics and Technology Seminar)

Beams-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
6174-v1 LHC Operation and Status Phil Adamson Accelerator Seminar
05 Mar 2018
6144-v1 The Cornell-BNL ERL Test Accelerator - status and opportunities Steve Peggs Accelerator Seminar
Beam Dynamics
27 Feb 2018
5657-v1 Crystal assisted manipulation of high energy beam - Walter Scandale Phil Adamson Accelerator Seminar
11 Aug 2017
5549-v1 The European XFEL - Alignment Work and Geodetic Control Network Adjustment Phil Adamson Accelerator Seminar
10 Jul 2017
5513-v7 Applications of Neural Networks to the Control of Particle Accelerators Auralee Edelen Accelerator Seminar
17 Jun 2017
5483-v1 High Q-factor superconducting cavities as enabling technology for CW accelerators  Martina Martinello Accelerator Seminar
01 Jun 2017
5462-v1 Superconducting Microwave Resonators for High Gradients and Quantum Applications Mattia Checchin Accelerator Seminar
31 May 2017
5436-v1 Towards Megawatt beam power accelerators Paul Derwent Accelerator Seminar
22 May 2017
5394-v5 IPAC'17 Preview - APT Seminar Series Salah Chaurize et al. Accelerator Seminar
11 May 2017
5376-v2 IPAC'17 Preview - APT Seminar Series Martina Martinello et al. Accelerator Seminar
27 Apr 2017
5374-v2 IPAC'17 Preview - APT Seminar Series Cheng-Yang Tan et al. Accelerator Seminar
25 Apr 2017
5370-v2 Status of the warm front end of PIP-II Injector Test Alexander Shemyakin Accelerator Seminar
24 Apr 2017
5372-v1 IPAC'17 Preview - APT Seminar Series Jeffrey Eldred et al. Accelerator Seminar
20 Apr 2017
5326-v2 Particle acceleration driven by a high-energy hadron beam Alexey Petrenko Accelerator Seminar
18 Feb 2017
5319-v1 Fast instability caused by electron cloud trapped in combined function magnets Sergey Antipov Accelerator Seminar
30 Jan 2017
5310-v1 Modeling RF Breakdown Jim Norem Accelerator Seminar
17 Jan 2017
5306-v1 Synergia simulation of space charge modes with their intrinsic Landau damping in bunched beams Alexandru Macridin Accelerator Seminar
10 Jan 2017
5292-v1 Wakefield-accelerator-based compact light source Alexander Zholents Accelerator Seminar
13 Dec 2016
5233-v1 ESS (accelerator) under construction Mats Lindroos Accelerator Seminar
20 Sep 2016
5223-v1 Pressurized Gas Beam Monitor for Extremely Intense Beam Lines Katsuya Yonehara Accelerator Seminar
30 Aug 2016
5199-v1 Progress towards 700 kW operations in the Main Injector Rob Ainsworth Accelerator Seminar
Beam Physics
Main Injector
26 Jul 2016
5186-v2 Channeling, Volume Reflection and gamma-Ray Production by Electrons at Multi-GeV Beam Energy in Crystals Uli Wienands Accelerator Seminar
12 Jul 2016
5180-v1 SCHARGEV 1.0 - Strong space charge Vlasov solver Timofey Zolkin Accelerator Seminar
29 Jun 2016
5169-v1 Progress in Plasma Wakefield Acceleration of Positron Beams Spencer Gessner Accelerator Seminar
01 Jun 2016
5167-v1 Challenges to demonstrating integrable proton dynamics in IOTA David Bruhwiler Accelerator Seminar
26 May 2016
5159-v1 Nb3Sn conductors for future accelerator magnets: prospects for further improvement Xingchen Xu Accelerator Seminar
19 May 2016
5156-v1 LHC Beam Instrumentation Challenges Manfred Wendt Accelerator Seminar
12 May 2016
5154-v1 Diagnostics for Plasma-Based Accelerators Michael Downer Accelerator Seminar
10 May 2016
5149-v2 Preview IPAC'16: APT Seminar Sergey Antipov et al. Accelerator Seminar
03 May 2016
5147-v2 Performance Analysis for the new g-2 Experiment Diktys Stratakis Accelerator Seminar
28 Apr 2016
5143-v1 The quest for understanding the incoherent effects of space charge Giuliano Franchetti Accelerator Seminar
20 Apr 2016
5129-v1 Plasma Processing for SRF Cavities Marc Doleans Accelerator Seminar
01 Apr 2016
5102-v1 The (Forgotten?) Beam Envelope Technique Rick Baartman Accelerator Seminar
18 Mar 2016
5099-v1 ON SECTOR MAGNETS OR transverse electromagnetic fields in cylindrical coordinates Timofey Zolkin Accelerator Seminar
08 Mar 2016
5056-v1 Examination of beryllium under intense high energy proton beam at CERN's HiRadMat facility Kavin Ammigan Accelerator Seminar
26 Jan 2016
5012-v1 Status of J-PARC Accelerators Michikazu Kinsho Accelerator Seminar
24 Nov 2015
5010-v1 Muon production target at J-PARC Shunsuke Makimura Accelerator Seminar
19 Nov 2015
4989-v1 First results from the Fermilab superconducting test accelerator Daniel R. Broemmelsiek Accelerator Seminar
11 Nov 2015
4979-v1 Experimental Beam Physics Program at Fermilab's FAST/IOTA Alexander A. Valishev Accelerator Seminar
11 Nov 2015
4999-v1 IOTA Proton Program Eric J Prebys Accelerator Seminar
10 Nov 2015
4978-v1 End-to-end FEL Beam Stability Simulation Engine Carlos Serrano Accelerator Seminar
07 Oct 2015
4934-v1 Slow Extraction Projects at JPARC Masahito Tomizawa Accelerator Seminar
28 Aug 2015
4913-v1 "TeV on a chip": X-ray wakefield accelerator in nanomaterials Toshiki Tajima Accelerator Seminar
Beam Physics
Adv. Accelerator R&D
06 Aug 2015
4898-v1 Concepts for efficient production, transport and cooling of intense muon beams Diktys Stratakis Accelerator Seminar
28 Jul 2015
4897-v1 Concepts for efficient production, transport and cooling of intense muon beams Diktys Stratakis Accelerator Seminar
Muon Collider
28 Jul 2015
4870-v1 FCC: Overview and Study Status Eliana Gianfelice-Wendt Accelerator Seminar
26 Jun 2015
4850-v1 MAP Collaboration Meeting - talk during APT Daniel Bowring Accelerator Seminar
26 May 2015
4849-v1 High Q research: new developments, and implications Anna Grassellino Accelerator Seminar
26 May 2015
4811-v3 700 kW operations for NOvA Phil Adamson Accelerator Seminar
14 May 2015
4822-v2 Electron Lenses for Experiments on Nonlinear Dynamics with Wide Stable Tune Spreads in the Fermilab Integrable Optics Test Accelerator Giulio Stancari Accelerator Seminar
01 May 2015
4823-v1 RF Breakdown of 805 MHz Cavities in Strong Magnetic Fields Daniel Bowring Accelerator Seminar
01 May 2015
4819-v1 Muon Accelerators: R&D Towards Future Neutrino Factory and Lepton Collider Capabilities Mark Palmer Accelerator Seminar
28 Apr 2015
4814-v1 Final Cooling for a High-Luminosity High-Energy Lepton Collider David V Neuffer Accelerator Seminar
23 Apr 2015
4802-v1 Discussion of the HEPAP General Accelerator R&D Report Bob S. Tschirhart Accelerator Seminar
15 Apr 2015
4791-v3 Chopping and Transport of Low-Energy Ion Beams for FRANZ Christoph Wiesner Accelerator Seminar
30 Mar 2015
4793-v1 The LHC after the first long shutdown Hermann Schmickler Accelerator Seminar
27 Mar 2015
4782-v1 LCLS-II design status and challenges Nikolay Solyak Accelerator Seminar
10 Mar 2015
4773-v1 Mu2e - A search for muon to electron conversion at Fermilab George Ginther Accelerator Seminar
24 Feb 2015
4749-v1 Superconducting RF Technology: The Last 15 Years Mike Kelly Accelerator Seminar
23 Jan 2015
4742-v1 Review of Key Issues to Advance The Realization of Next Generation SRF Linacs Rong-Li Geng Accelerator Seminar
16 Jan 2015
4730-v1 First principles study of impurity and vacancy structures in niobium Denise Ford Accelerator Seminar
16 Dec 2014
4720-v1 Studies on the Focusing Performance of a Gabor Lens Depending on Nonneutral Plasma Properties Kathrin Schulte Accelerator Seminar
Beam Physics
02 Dec 2014
4716-v1 The Fermilab Muon Campus - The Experiments, Projects, and Status Steve Werkema Accelerator Seminar
25 Nov 2014
4700-v2 Preparing for PIP II - What are the issues and plans for Booster William A Pellico Accelerator Seminar
18 Nov 2014
4709-v1 Accelerators for Energy and Environment at IARC Robert Kephart Accelerator Seminar
18 Nov 2014
4699-v1 The Particle-in-Cell Code bender and Its Application to Non-Relativistic Beam Transport Daniel Noll Accelerator Seminar
Beam Physics
11 Nov 2014
4679-v1 Total Loss Monitor Radiation Safety System Anthony F. Leveling Accelerator Seminar
08 Oct 2014
4676-v1 Head-Tail Modes for FNAL Booster Timofey Zolkin Accelerator Seminar
Beam Dynamics
30 Sep 2014
4662-v1 Superconducting Linac in Fermilab Paul Derwent et al. Accelerator Seminar
26 Aug 2014
4630-v2 Switchyard External Beamlines From the past to the present Michael I Geelhoed et al. Accelerator Seminar
01 Jul 2014
4629-v1 Developing the Next Generation of SRF Cavities with Nb3Sn Sam Posen Accelerator Seminar
29 Jun 2014
4619-v1 Electron Beam Profiler for the Main Injector Randy M Thurman-Keup Accelerator Seminar
18 Jun 2014
4616-v2 Overview of the LBNE Beamline Design Vaia Papadimitriou Accelerator Seminar
10 Jun 2014
4614-v1 High-field Magnet Development toward Higher Luminosity Performance of the LHC Giorgio Apollinari Accelerator Seminar
05 Jun 2014
4613-v1 Superconducting Cavity Cryomodule Designs for the Next Generation of CW Linacs: Challenges and Options Thomas H Nicol Accelerator Seminar
05 Jun 2014
4612-v1 Electron lenses for the Large Hadron Collider Giulio Stancari Accelerator Seminar
03 Jun 2014
4607-v2 High-Temperature Superconducting Magnets: Pushing limits Tengming Shen Accelerator Seminar
22 May 2014
4606-v1 Doubling the Main Injector Beam Power Ioanis Kourbanis Accelerator Seminar
Main Injector
20 May 2014
4596-v1 Parasitic Resonances in High Power Proton Linacs Rob Ainsworth Accelerator Seminar
15 May 2014
4593-v1 High Resolution Cavity Beam Position Monitor Systems for the Accelerator Test Facility 2 and Future Linear Colliders Young-Im Kim Accelerator Seminar
13 May 2014
4592-v1 The MicroBooNE Detector, Beam Requirements and Status Kazuhiro Terao Accelerator Seminar
08 May 2014
4591-v1 A journey from T2K to LArIAT Flor de Maria Blaszczyk Accelerator Seminar
06 May 2014
4589-v1 CBC2: front-end readout ASIC for the High-Luminosity Upgrade of the CMS Strip Tracker Davide Braga Accelerator Seminar
01 May 2014
4582-v1 Study of Front-End RF Structures (RFQ and MEBT) Ki R. Shin Accelerator Seminar
Beam Physics
22 Apr 2014
4573-v1 The Booster Neutrino Beamline Thomas R. Kobilarcik Accelerator Seminar
17 Apr 2014
4571-v1 Impedance, its Allies, and the Beam Guards Alexey Burov Accelerator Seminar
Beam Physics
15 Apr 2014
4537-v2 Linac Laser Notcher Project in the Proton Improvement Plan Kevin Duel et al. Pre-Accelerator
Accelerator Seminar
01 Apr 2014
4563-v2 PIP I: RFQ Injector Cheng-Yang Tan Accelerator Seminar
25 Mar 2014
4548-v4 Laser Welded Beam Tube: Testing & Application Joe Dimarco et al. Accelerator Seminar
12 Mar 2014
4550-v2 Booster RF System Upgrades for 15 Hz Operation John S Reid et al. Accelerator Seminar
04 Mar 2014
4534-v1 35 Years of H- Ions at Fermilab Dan Bollinger Pre-Accelerator
Accelerator Seminar
06 Feb 2014
4531-v2 Proton Improvement Plan (PIP) - Meeting the HEP Proton Needs William A Pellico et al. Accelerator Seminar
04 Feb 2014
4516-v1 Beam-Beam Effects in HighLuminosity LHC Upgrade Alexander A. Valishev Accelerator Seminar
Beam Physics
21 Jan 2014
4512-v1 ASTA Updae Elvin Harms Accelerator Seminar
14 Jan 2014
4458-v3 High Power Target R&D Program Talk Kavin Ammigan et al. Accelerator Seminar
27 Dec 2013
4497-v1 PIP-II: A Plan for Developing Multi-MW Capabilities at Fermilab & Overview of Physics Opportunities with High-intensity Proton Beams Stephen D. Holmes et al. Accelerator Seminar
Future Accelerators
Main Injector
12 Dec 2013
4496-v1 NICA PROJECT DEVELOPMENT AT JINR Igor Meshkov Accelerator Seminar
12 Dec 2013
4488-v1 New Cyclotrons for Nu Physics Janet Conrad Accelerator Seminar
Beam Physics
21 Nov 2013
4476-v1 The LHC dynamic aperture saga: overview, ideas and recent developments Massimo Giovannozzi Accelerator Seminar
Beam Physics
05 Nov 2013
4472-v1 Nested Head-Tail Vlasov Solver: a New Powerful Program for Transverse Beam Stability Analysis Alexey Burov Accelerator Seminar
22 Oct 2013
4455-v1 The Cyclotron Development Activities at China Institute of Atomic Energy (CIAE) Tianjue Zhang Accelerator Seminar
Future Accelerators
26 Sep 2013
4448-v1 Quasi-Monoenergetic Plasma Wakefield Acceleration at FACET Mark Hogan Accelerator Seminar
Future Accelerators
Adv. Accelerator R&D
20 Sep 2013
4410-v1 Long Lifetime CW H- Ion Source for Project X Evan Sengbusch et al. Accelerator Seminar
11 Jul 2013
4381-v2 Status of the New MI and RR Beam Profiling Measurement Devices Randy M Thurman-Keup et al. Accelerator Seminar
Beam Instrumentation
Beam Instrumentation
Beam Instrumentation
11 Jun 2013
4362-v1 Status of PXIE MEBT absorber development Curtis Baffes et al. Accelerator Seminar
Project X
07 May 2013
4349-v5 Main Injector and Recycler: Ready for NoVa and Beyond Duncan J Scott Accelerator Seminar
Main Injector
24 Apr 2013
4208-v1 Radiation Studies for Mu2e Experiment Vitaly Pronskikh Accelerator Seminar
30 Aug 2012
4189-v1 Development of 325 MHz Solid-State RF Power Amplifiers for Project X, under Addendum-V of IIFC Manjiri Pande Accelerator Seminar
30 Jul 2012
4188-v1 Inverse Compton Scattering Gamma-Ray Source at ASTA Alex Murokh Accelerator Seminar
30 Jul 2012
4165-v1 If You Build It, They Will Come , 8GeV CW Linac: A Staged Approach Milorad B. Popovic Accelerator Seminar
Project X
27 Jun 2012
4161-v1 Reliability and Controls for Project-X and Applications to Accelerator Driven Systems Sampriti Bhattacharyya Accelerator Seminar
20 Jun 2012
4160-v1 Opportunities Beyond the State of the Art in Electron Accelerator Systems David Whittum Accelerator Seminar
18 Jun 2012
4159-v1 IOTA – Integrable Optics Test Accelerator at Fermilab Sergei Nagaitsev Accelerator Seminar
Adv. Accelerator R&D
13 Jun 2012
4154-v1 Studies on 704 MHz five-cell superconducting RF cavity Puneet Jain Accelerator Seminar
12 Jun 2012
4127-v1 The Fast Multipole Algorithm in the Differential Algebra Framework to Calculate the 3D Self-field between Charged Particles He Zhang Accelerator Seminar
15 May 2012
4125-v1 Report from the OHEP Accelerator R&D Task Force Stuart Henderson Accelerator Seminar
10 May 2012
4123-v1 Staging Opportunities for Project X Stephen D. Holmes Accelerator Seminar
08 May 2012
4119-v1 Storage Ring Measurement of Electric Dipole Moments of Protons and Other Baryons Richard Talman Accelerator Seminar
24 Apr 2012
4118-v1 Planar laser-induced fluorescence imaging of fuel droplets exposed to asymmetric radiant heating Kavin Ammigan Accelerator Seminar
24 Apr 2012
4117-v1 Superconducting RF cavities: extending knowledge boundaries Alexander Romanenko Accelerator Seminar
19 Apr 2012
4116-v1 ((Far) Future) Colliders: Invitation to Discussion Vladimir Shiltsev Accelerator Seminar
18 Apr 2012
4115-v1 Accelerator Education in America William Barletta Accelerator Seminar
18 Apr 2012
4112-v1 Experimental studies on coherent synchrotron radiation at the A0-Photoinjector Jayakar C. Thangaraj Accelerator Seminar
17 Apr 2012
4094-v1 Next Generation Light Source R&D and Design Studies at LBNL John N. Corlett Accelerator Seminar
19 Mar 2012
4093-v1 Experiments with a single electron circulating in a storage ring Timur Shaftan Accelerator Seminar
16 Mar 2012
4092-v1 Progress and Status of the NICA Project at JINR Igor Meshkov Accelerator Seminar
16 Mar 2012
4074-v1 Project X with Superconducting Rapid Cycling Synchrotron and Superconducting Dual Storage Ring Henryk Piekarz Accelerator Seminar
17 Feb 2012
4073-v1 ACSys in a Box; un-scaling the Fermilab Control System for standalone operation enabling collaboration and future enhancements Charles Briegel Accelerator Seminar
17 Feb 2012
4064-v2 Multi-Turn Stripping Injection and Foil Heating with Application to Project X Alexandr Drozhdin et al. Accelerator Seminar
Beam Dynamics
Transfer Lines
11 Feb 2012
4051-v1 Exploration of a Tevatron-Sized Ultimate Light Source Michael Borland Accelerator Seminar
19 Jan 2012
4048-v1 On the Nature of Scientific Genius Vladimir Shiltsev Accelerator Seminar
18 Jan 2012
4019-v1 Detector and Physics Studies for High Energy Lepton Colliders with ILCroot Simulation Framework Anna Mazzacane Accelerator Seminar
13 Dec 2011
3994-v1 SNS Accumulator Ring Instability Damper and Beam Transfer Function Studies Robert Hardin Accelerator Seminar
10 Nov 2011
3988-v1 Silicon Detectors at DZero Alex Melnitchouk Accelerator Seminar
03 Nov 2011
3984-v1 Application of Superconducting Resonators for Study of Two Level Defect States in Dielectrics Sergiy Gladchenko Accelerator Seminar
02 Nov 2011
3963-v1 Development of superconducting undulators at the Advanced Photon Source Yury Ivanyushenkov Accelerator Seminar
05 Oct 2011
3942-v1 Free-Electron Laser Theory for Coherent Electron Cooling Stephen Webb Accelerator Seminar
14 Sep 2011
3939-v1 Electro-optic sampling for ultra-fast diagnostics at the A0 photoinjector Timothy J Maxwell Accelerator Seminar
12 Sep 2011
3934-v2 Design and Operating Results for a New 201 MHz Radio Frequency Power System for LANSCE John T. M. Lyles Accelerator Seminar
09 Sep 2011
3937-v1 Study and Optimization of RF and Beam dynamics for Project-X CW SC linac Arun Saini Accelerator Seminar
08 Sep 2011
3924-v1 Introduction to the China ADS program Jingyu Tang Accelerator Seminar
22 Aug 2011
3919-v1 XFEL SRF Accelerating Module Prototypes Tests at DESY Denis Kostin Accelerator Seminar
10 Aug 2011
3902-v1 Scientific Computing on Graphics Processor Units: An Application in Time-Domain Electromagnetic Simulations Veysel Demir Accelerator Seminar
13 Jul 2011
3892-v1 ILC Technical Design Phase Progress Marc C. Ross Accelerator Seminar
01 Jul 2011
3871-v4 Beam Loading Studies in Accumulator Ring for µ2e project at Fermilab Valerii Balbekov et al. Accelerator Seminar
Beam Physics
29 Jun 2011
3887-v1 New injector cryostat-module based on 3 GHz SRF cavities for the S-DALINAC Thorsten Kuerzeder Accelerator Seminar
24 Jun 2011
2182-v2 Discovery and Mitigation of the Electron Cloud at KEK Kazuhito Ohmi Accelerator Seminar
20 Jun 2011
3884-v1 Electron cloud studies for J-PARC and SuperKEKB Kazuhito Ohmi Accelerator Seminar
20 Jun 2011
3883-v1 Increasing yield of cold and ultra-cold neutrons from spallation target for the search of neutron oscillations Yuri Kamyshkov Accelerator Seminar
20 Jun 2011
3880-v2 W Boson Mass and Width Measurements with D0 Detector Alex Melnitchouk Accelerator Seminar
09 Jun 2011
3876-v1 Steady State and Dynamic Simulation of Cryogenic System for TIFR-BARC Superconducting Linear Accelerator Santosh Jangam Accelerator Seminar
31 May 2011
3870-v1 Theory, observations and mitigation of dancing bunches in the Tevatron Alexey Burov Instabilities
Accelerator Seminar
26 May 2011
3874-v1 The Future of Plasma Wakefield Acceleration Chan Joshi Accelerator Seminar
26 May 2011
3873-v1 Production and Performance of SRF Cavities for the CEBAF 12 GeV Upgrade and JLab SRF Facilities Upgrade Plans Charlie Reece Accelerator Seminar
26 May 2011
3866-v1 Science Funding in the UK and the priorities for the Science and Technology Facilities Council Richard Wade Accelerator Seminar
13 May 2011
3863-v1 Higgs Bosons at the Tevatron and at a Future Muon Collider Marc Buehler Accelerator Seminar
09 May 2011
3862-v1 High Gradient Wakefield Acceleration in Dielectric-Loaded Structures Daniel Mihalcea Accelerator Seminar
09 May 2011
3803-v1 Microwave Powered Microplasmas: Applicator Design, Characteristics, and Applications Jeffri Narendra Accelerator Seminar
24 Mar 2011
3802-v1 Developments in Radiation Detection Systems Alex Rak Accelerator Seminar
24 Mar 2011
3790-v1 Detector Challenges at Linear Colliders Marcel Stanitzki Accelerator Seminar
09 Mar 2011
3779-v1 The SARAF proton / deuteron 5 MeV RFQ+superconducting linac commissioning Dan Berkovits Accelerator Seminar
11 Feb 2011
3714-v1 Triggers and mitigation strategies of rf breakdown for muon accelerator cavities Diktys Stratakis Accelerator Seminar
16 Nov 2010
3713-v1 Application of Electro Chemical Buffing onto Niobium SRF Cavity Surfaces Shigeki Kato Accelerator Seminar
15 Nov 2010
3694-v1 Design Studies for MEIC: Medium Energy Electron -Ion Collider at JLab Hisham Kamal Sayed Accelerator Seminar
13 Oct 2010
3691-v1 Indian Institutions and Fermilab Collaboration: A Road We Travel Together C. Shekhar Mishra Accelerator Seminar
12 Oct 2010
3690-v1 Accelerator Division: The Division Head’s Perspective Roger Dixon Accelerator Seminar
12 Oct 2010
3688-v1 Design and operating experience with the SNS superconducting linac Sang-ho Kim Accelerator Seminar
04 Oct 2010
3687-v1 Superconducting RF for the Facility for Rare Isotope Beams at Michigan State University Walter Hartung Accelerator Seminar
04 Oct 2010
3686-v1 The development of new techniques for SRF cavity surface research at Fermilab Mingqi Ge Accelerator Seminar
04 Oct 2010
3659-v1 Hard collisions of polarized protons: past, present & future Alan D. Krisch Accelerator Seminar
19 Aug 2010
3650-v1 The CERN plan for the LHC upgrade Lucio Rossi Accelerator Seminar
05 Aug 2010
3594-v1 Analysis of the Transient Natural Convection Driven by Energy Deposition inside High-Pressure RF Cavities Mohammad Al Sharo'a Accelerator Seminar
03 Aug 2010
3645-v1 MYRRHA - a Multi-National Demonstration Program for Incineration of Spent Nuclear Fuel Wastes Status of MYRRHA and ISOL@MYRRHA in March 2010 Hamid Aït Abderrahim Accelerator Seminar
23 Jul 2010
3639-v1 Superconducting-Niobium Accelerator Cavity Defect Localization and Repair Zachary Conway Accelerator Seminar
16 Jul 2010
3631-v2 Beam monitoring using Optical Transition Radiation Tiago Silva Accelerator Seminar
29 Jun 2010
3632-v1 CERN progress in high-gradient investigations Alexei Grudiev Accelerator Seminar
23 Jun 2010
3621-v1 PAMELA - A Novel Accelerator for Charged Particle Therapy Holger Witte Accelerator Seminar
02 Jun 2010
3610-v1 Status of the 2 MeV Electron Cooler for COSY Juelich Jurgen Dietrich Accelerator Seminar
13 May 2010
3578-v2 T2K Target and Secondary Beamline Chris Densham Accelerator Seminar
06 May 2010
3603-v1 Toward super-high intensity accelerators Sergei Nagaitsev Accelerator Seminar
Transverse Dynamics
03 May 2010
3602-v1 Robust Control Systems Research with Applications Rama Yedavalli Accelerator Seminar
29 Apr 2010
3593-v1 Development of an SDD-based Gamma Camera Alberto Gola Accelerator Seminar
12 Apr 2010
3592-v1 Twisted Waveguide Accelerating Structures: Potential and Challenges Mohamed Awida Accelerator Seminar
12 Apr 2010
3591-v1 Mechatronics in Embedded Motion Control Systems Srivani Motamarri Accelerator Seminar
12 Apr 2010
3589-v1 Condensed matter physics experiments relevant to accelerator development Daniel Mazur Accelerator Seminar
09 Apr 2010
3580-v1 Densham T2K APT Seminar Presentation Patrick G. Hurh Accelerator Seminar
28 Mar 2010
3304-v2 A Novel Tele-Manipulation for Cell Injection Dileep K. Bhogadi Accelerator Seminar
19 Mar 2010
3574-v1 Project X Strategy and Status: A Discussion Stephen D. Holmes Accelerator Seminar
17 Mar 2010
3555-v1 LHC Splice Repairs and the Chamonix Discussions Peter J. Limon Accelerator Seminar
19 Feb 2010
3553-v1 Monte Carlo Mean Field Treatment of Coherent Synchrotron Radiation Effects with Application to Microbunching Instability in Bunch Compressors Gabriele Bassi Accelerator Seminar
16 Feb 2010
3548-v1 Recent Upgrades to BBSIM Vahid Ranjbar Accelerator Seminar
11 Feb 2010
3546-v1 Tevatron program - status and future prospects Dmitri Denisov Accelerator Seminar
03 Feb 2010
3539-v1 The BaBar Detector's Influence on Accelerator OperationsThe quality of data recorded by a particle detector greatly depends on the performance of the machine. Radiation at the interaction region plays a large roll in the lifetime of detecto Shane C. Curry Accelerator Seminar
28 Jan 2010
3534-v1 Antiprotons at Fermilab: New Directions in Hyperon, Charm, and Antimatter Physics Milorad B. Popovic Accelerator Seminar
Antiproton Source
11 Jan 2010
3524-v1 Next-Generation H- Ion Sources for SNS Robert Welton Accelerator Seminar
14 Dec 2009
3493-v2 Coupling Impedances of Accelerator Rings Kingyuen B. Ng Accelerator Seminar
30 Nov 2009
3507-v1 Accelerator R&D at the Max Planck Institute for Physics in Munich: Muon Frictional Cooling and Proton Driven Plasma Wakefield Acceleration Allen Caldwell Accelerator Seminar
30 Nov 2009
3497-v1 Ion-Induced Instability of Diocotron Modes in Magnetized Electron Columns Andrey Kabantsev Accelerator Seminar
16 Nov 2009
3496-v1 Present Status of HBC Stripper Foil Development Isao Sugai Accelerator Seminar
13 Nov 2009
3482-v1 Beam Dynamics Aspects of Crab Cavities in the Large Hadron Collider Yipeng Sun Accelerator Seminar
22 Oct 2009
3472-v1 ADVANCED CONCEPT FOR HIGH ENERGY ACCELERATOR Alexander Mikhailichenko Accelerator Seminar
13 Oct 2009
3471-v1 Superconducting magnets for fusion application Luisa Chiesa Accelerator Seminar
13 Oct 2009
3427-v1 Engineering at Fermilab Ralph Pasquinelli Accelerator Seminar
22 Jul 2009
3424-v1 Superconducting Magnet System for J-PARC Neutrino Beam Line Toru Ogitsu Accelerator Seminar
17 Jul 2009
3419-v1 LHC Status Jim B. Strait Accelerator Seminar
06 Jul 2009
3417-v1 PETAVAC: 100 TeV proton-antiproton collider in SSC tunnel Peter M. McIntyre Accelerator Seminar
29 Jun 2009
3404-v1 Radiation & Acceleration Max Zolotorev Accelerator Seminar
Beam Physics
22 May 2009
3397-v1 Helical Solenoids for Helical Cooling Channels Mauricio Lopes Accelerator Seminar
19 May 2009
3381-v1 Radiation effects on MgB2: a review and a comparison with A15 superconductors Marina Putti Accelerator Seminar
15 May 2009
3394-v1 ECOFUSION – A Cellular, Electron Cooled Approach to Fusion Energy Generation Del Larson Accelerator Seminar
15 May 2009
3345-v1 What happens in a gas filled RF cavity when beam goes thru it? Alvin Tollestrup Accelerator Seminar
Adv. Accelerator R&D
25 Mar 2009
3339-v1 Status of the cavity BPM developments at KNU and Fermilab Seunghwan Shin Accelerator Seminar
18 Mar 2009
3332-v1 Basic R&D for High gradient ILC SC cavity in KEK-STF Hitoshi Hayano Accelerator Seminar
11 Mar 2009
3326-v1 On-chip power distribution for IC designs and its challenges in deep submicron technologies Aida Todri Accelerator Seminar
09 Mar 2009
3320-v1 Using Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulations to improve EPA Emissions Testing John Consiglio Accelerator Seminar
04 Mar 2009
3311-v1 XFEL Module Assembly at CEA-Saclay Olivier Napoly Accelerator Seminar
19 Feb 2009
3310-v1 Nuclear Applications of Accelerators; Experience in the 'A' Programs (APT, ATW, AAA, AFCI) Laurie Waters Accelerator Seminar
18 Feb 2009
3302-v1 The European XFEL Hans Weise Accelerator Seminar
06 Feb 2009
3294-v1 Superconducting Transition Edge Sensors (TES) Nikhil Jethava Accelerator Seminar
30 Jan 2009
3272-v1 Two Devices for HINS Robyn L Madrak Accelerator Seminar
18 Dec 2008
3254-v2 Permannet Magnet Work at Fermilab 1995 to present James T. Volk Accelerator Seminar
05 Dec 2008
3253-v2 XFEL and Collaboration with ILC SCRF Thomas Hott Accelerator Seminar
18 Nov 2008
3162-v1 Can we increase the operating gradients of linacs? Jim Norem Accelerator Seminar
17 Jul 2008
3155-v1 Evolutionary Optimization Methods for Accelerator Design Alexei Poklonskiy Accelerator Seminar
Beam Dynamics
Beam Dynamics
Future Accelerators
09 Jul 2008
3147-v1 Limits and Prospects of Nb3Sn Accelerator Magnets Marco Danuso Accelerator Seminar
02 Jul 2008
3120-v1 Statistical Data Analysis Alan A. Hahn Accelerator Seminar
17 Jun 2008
3104-v1 Cryogenics for Warm Physicists and Engineers Thomas J. Peterson Accelerator Seminar
30 May 2008
3102-v1 High Gradients and RF Power Generation at the Argonne Wakefield Accelerator Facility Manoel Conde Accelerator Seminar
22 May 2008
3097-v1 Impressions from the 13th Beam Instrumentation Workshop BIW2008 Vsevolod Kamerdzhiev et al. Accelerator Seminar
21 May 2008
3080-v1 The MERIT Experiment: a Proof-of-Principle Demonstration of a Mercury Jet Target for Megawatt Proton Beams Kirk T. McDonald Accelerator Seminar
29 Apr 2008
3075-v1 Project X and the Future of the Fermilab Accelerator Complex Stephen D. Holmes Accelerator Seminar
Project X
23 Apr 2008
3066-v1 Tevatron Integrated Luminosity -- A tutorial primer Michael J. Syphers Accelerator Seminar
Transverse Dynamics
04 Apr 2008
3061-v1 Nb3Sn accelerator magnet R&D and LHC luminosity upgrades Alexander V Zlobin Accelerator Seminar
31 Mar 2008
3047-v1 High-resolution surface inspection camera for superconducting RF cavities Yoshihisa Iwashita Accelerator Seminar
07 Mar 2008
3041-v1 A New Vision for Evolution of Controls Charles Briegel et al. Accelerator Seminar
Project X
21 Feb 2008
3030-v1 SC Strand and Cable R&D for Future Accelerators Emanuela Barzi Accelerator Seminar
12 Feb 2008
3016-v1 Production, transport and laser trapping of radioactive francium beams for the study of fundamental interactions Giulio Stancari Accelerator Seminar
30 Jan 2008
2943-v1 Beam Loss and Collimation at the LHC Ralph Assman Accelerator Seminar
30 Nov 2007
2941-v1 High-power RF sources and components for linear colliders Sergey Yu. Kazakov Accelerator Seminar
20 Nov 2007
2932-v1 Monolithic Signal Processing for Radiation Detectors: late developments at BNL Angelo Dragone Accelerator Seminar
09 Nov 2007
2917-v1 Magnet Reliability in the Fermilab Main Injector and Implications for the ILC Michael A. Tartaglia Accelerator Seminar
02 Nov 2007
2214-v1 A DR in the Tevatron tunnel using Hera-e components? Eliana Gianfelice-Wendt Accelerator Seminar
10 Oct 2007
2860-v1 Summary of SRF Materials Workshop held at Fermilab 23-24 May 2007, and SRF Materials Outlook Lance Cooley Accelerator Seminar
20 Aug 2007
2779-v1 Experimental Optimization of TTF2 RF Photoinjector and Bunch Compressors Yujong Kim Accelerator Seminar
27 Jun 2007
2822-v1 Engineering at Fermilab Ralph Pasquinelli Accelerator Seminar
22 Jun 2007
2819-v1 A phase-one LHC luminosity upgrade based on Nb-Ti Ezio Todesco Accelerator Seminar
20 Jun 2007
2818-v1 LHC Inner Triplet Status James Kerby Accelerator Seminar
20 Jun 2007
2746-v1 Status/Plans for Technical Division Marc C. Ross Accelerator Seminar
16 Apr 2007
2692-v1 A Beam Condition Monitoring System for the CDF Experiment using CVD Diamond Rainer S. Wallny Accelerator Seminar
16 Mar 2007
2691-v1 Normal Conducting RF Cavity R&D for Neutrino Factory Derun Li Accelerator Seminar
Adv. Accelerator R&D
16 Mar 2007
27 Feb 2007
2667-v1 Superconducting RF cavities and materials issues Claire Antoine Accelerator Seminar
27 Feb 2007
2666-v1 J-PARC Status and Channeling Experiments in Japan for J-PARC and ILC Shin'ya Sawada Accelerator Seminar
27 Feb 2007
2643-v1 The Second Low Emittance Muon Collider Workshop Rol Johnson Accelerator Seminar
19 Feb 2007
2642-v1 The Future of Accelerator R&D at Fermilab Stephen D. Holmes Accelerator Seminar
19 Feb 2007
2641-v1 Beam Monitoring and Control with FPGA Based Electronics Nathan Eddy Accelerator Seminar
19 Feb 2007
2640-v1 Performance of the LHC Injectors and Intensity limitations Gianluigi Arduini Accelerator Seminar
19 Feb 2007
2605-v1 survey of H- ion sources for accelerators Jens Peters Pre-Accelerator
Accelerator Seminar
Proton Driver
09 Jan 2007
2535-v1 Electron cooling at the Recycler: Update Lionel R. Prost et al. Accelerator Seminar
Electron Cooling
18 Dec 2006
2543-v1 The MI Wide Aperture Quadrupole (WQB) Project Weiren Chou et al. Accelerator Seminar
03 Nov 2006
2517-v1 R & D in RF Superconductivity at Michigan State University Walter Hartung Accelerator Seminar
Adv. Accelerator R&D
12 Oct 2006
2444-v3 Simulation of transition crossing in the Fermilab Booster Alexandr Drozhdin et al. Accelerator Seminar
Beam Dynamics
Longitudinal Dynamics
12 Oct 2006
2516-v1 RF Breakdown and High Gradient Limits Jim Norem Accelerator Seminar
Adv. Accelerator R&D
12 Oct 2006
2445-v1 MDI Studies at the ILC and related test beam program at SLAC's End Station A Facility Michael Woods Accelerator Seminar
Adv. Accelerator R&D
07 Sep 2006
2372-v1 Highlights from ACC'06 and Possible AARD at Fermilab Vladimir Shiltsev Accelerator Seminar
Adv. Accelerator R&D
01 Aug 2006
2357-v1 Muon Collider Parameters and Cooling Schemes Robert Palmer Accelerator Seminar
Adv. Accelerator R&D
Muon Collider R&D
21 Jul 2006
2314-v1 LHC Quench Protection & Energy Extraction Systems Bob Flora Accelerator Seminar
Power Supplies
29 Jun 2006
2281-v1 US-LHC Activities in the Accelerator Division Tanaji Sen Accelerator Seminar
26 May 2006
2264-v1 Tune and Chromaticity Tracking in the Tevatron Cheng-Yang Tan Accelerator Seminar
10 May 2006
2245-v1 Antiproton Source Studies and Stacking Keith E Gollwitzer Accelerator Seminar
Transfer Lines
Stochastic Cooling
18 Apr 2006
2134-v1 Progress of Electron Cooling at the Recycler Lionel R. Prost Accelerator Seminar
Electron Cooling
07 Mar 2006
2185-v1 Beyond the Terascale with muons Peter Skands Accelerator Seminar
03 Mar 2006
2184-v1 Ion Source R&D at the SNS Robert Welton Accelerator Seminar
02 Mar 2006
2183-v1 Computational models, algorithms and computer codes in accelerator physics Valentin Ivanov Accelerator Seminar
02 Mar 2006
2181-v1 TeVnet: Surveying the Big Machine John Greenwood Accelerator Seminar
02 Mar 2006
2110-v1 Optical Transition Radiation (OTR) Detectors for Beam Diagnostics Vic Scarpine Accelerator Seminar
24 Jan 2006
2090-v1 Accelerator Programs at Fermilab: (Past), Present, and Future Stephen D. Holmes Accelerator Seminar
07 Jan 2006
2063-v1 Status, Issues and Observations-- Postcards from Paraguay Roger Dixon Accelerator Seminar
21 Dec 2005
2062-v1 High current density and high brightness H- sources for accelerators Vadim Dudnikov Accelerator Seminar
20 Dec 2005
2061-v1 DIAGNOSTICS FOR OBSERVATION and DAMPING of E-P INSTABILITY Vadim Dudnikov Accelerator Seminar
20 Dec 2005
2037-v1 Proton Beams for Cancer Therapy : A worldwide status report George Coutrakon Accelerator Seminar
02 Dec 2005
2027-v1 IPM measurments at the Fermilab Booster S. Y. Lee Accelerator Seminar
18 Nov 2005
2026-v1 Driving Term Experiments at CERN Frank Schmidt Accelerator Seminar
16 Nov 2005
2025-v1 Preparing the SNS Injector for feeding the Spallation Neutron Source Martin P Stockli Accelerator Seminar
14 Nov 2005
2020-v2 Summary of the ICALEPCS 2005 Conference Charles Briegel et al. Accelerator Seminar
Power Supplies
Front-end Systems
07 Nov 2005
2021-v1 Highlights of Beam Cooling Workshop 2005 Sergei Nagaitsev Accelerator Seminar
03 Nov 2005
2014-v1 MiniBooNE and NuMI – Why do they need so many protons? Eric J Prebys Accelerator Seminar
01 Nov 2005
2013-v1 Beam Physics in the RIA accelerators Petr Ostroumov Accelerator Seminar
01 Nov 2005

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