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These documents on Operations and sub-topics are available:
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Beams-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
7064-v1 Moving the Interlocked Gate Near Downstream End of Main Ring F-sector Upstream Gordon M. Koizumi Recycler
Main Injector
External Beams
Main Ring
22 Mar 2019
6759-v1 MCR Key Logger Preliminary Report Beau Harrison Operations
16 Oct 2018
6528-v1 Single Board Computers for Fermilab Operations Beau Harrison Controls
07 Sep 2018
6452-v1 AD Accomplishments and Plans Mary Convery Operations
14 Jun 2018
5612-v1 Accelerator prospects for FY18 and beyond Mary Convery Operations
14 Jul 2017
4388-v3 AD Elog User Presentations Kyle J Hazelwood Operations
05 May 2017
5333-v1 Tevatron Lessons on Machine Reliability and Availability Vladimir Shiltsev Operations
17 Feb 2017
4930-v4 Considerations for an accelerator control room Dan Johnson Operations
15 Sep 2015
4886-v1 Operational Methods For Delivering Meson Test Beam to Fermi Test Beam Facility Michael R Backfish Operations
External Beams
16 Jul 2015
4873-v1 Accelerator Status and Plans -- PAC June 2015 Mary Convery Operations
30 Jun 2015
4740-v1 Accelerator Status, PIP and Proton Expectations for FY15-17 Sergei Nagaitsev Operations
14 Jan 2015
4685-v3 AD Elog First Year Review Presentation Kyle J Hazelwood Operations
22 Oct 2014
4648-v1 AD Elog Proposal Kyle J Hazelwood Operations
01 Sep 2014
4444-v4 Concepts Rookie Book Dennis Barak et al. Operations
Training Docs
02 Aug 2014
4615-v1 Status of FNAL Accelerator Complex Sergei Nagaitsev Operations
10 Jun 2014
4552-v1 Accelerator Operations and PIP Sergei Nagaitsev Operations
11 Mar 2014
4101-v1 Linac 400MeV Steer program Kyle J Hazelwood Operations
Beam Instrumentation
Console Applications
27 Mar 2012
3431-v1 Optimization of Integrated Luminosity of the Fermilab Tevatron Collider Mary Convery Operations
29 Jul 2009
3421-v1 Simplified Tevatron Luminosity Equation Michael J. Syphers Operations
10 Jul 2009
3124-v1 FNAL Accelerator Complex Status Ron Moore Recycler
Main Injector
External Beams
Antiproton Source
20 Jun 2008
3106-v0 Fast abort gap cleaning using Tevatron Electron lenses Vsevolod Kamerdzhiev Operations
Beam-beam Compensation
02 Jun 2008
2790-v4 Excel Run Coordinator Coolider Plots using SuperTableIV Brian E. Drendel Operations
09 Oct 2007
2699-v2 Operating TEL2 Vsevolod Kamerdzhiev Operations
Beam-beam Compensation
10 Jul 2007
2727-v1 Drag and Drop Controls Display and Builder Timofei B Bolshakov et al. Operations
Training Docs
Console Applications
05 Apr 2007
2627-v1 Review of the Monte-Carlo Based Operations Model of Tevatron Operations Elliott S McCrory Operations
30 Jan 2007
2559-v1 Slow Orbit Stabilization Application PA2119 Vahid Ranjbar Training Docs
16 Nov 2006
2343-v2 Pbar Online Baseline JAS Plots Timofei B Bolshakov et al. Training Docs
12 Jul 2006
1988-v3 Align Debuncher and Accumulator Bend Fields Brian E. Drendel Accumulator
Training Docs
20 Oct 2005
1981-v1 Accelerator Division PPT template Elliott S McCrory Training Docs
04 Oct 2005
1942-v1 Stacking Monitor and the 4-8 GHz Stacking Thermostat Dave McGinnis Accumulator
Training Docs
30 Aug 2005
1879-v1 Inserting Non-Image Documents into the Electronic Logbooks Brian E. Drendel Training Docs
27 Jun 2005
1320-v1 Accelerator Concepts Michael J. Syphers Longitudinal Dynamics
Transverse Dynamics
Training Docs
27 Aug 2004
1023-v1 Concepts Rookie Book Brent M Evanger et al. Training Docs
13 Feb 2004
1021-v1 Pbar Rookie Book Jim P Morgan et al. Training Docs
13 Feb 2004
1022-v1 Booster Rookie Book Bruce W Worthel Training Docs
13 Feb 2004

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