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Existing Keywords:

General MI Muon Campus NuMI Tevatron
  12-pole A magnet with 12-pole field configuration.
  14-pole A magnet with 14-pole field configuration.
  16-pole A magnet with 16-pole field configuration.
  18-pole A magnet with 18-pole field configuration.
  20-pole A magnet with 20-pole field configuration.
  ACL ACNET Command Language - a script language for ACNET control
  ACNET Software for Fermilab Accelerator Controls Network
  BLM Use this or beam_loss_monitor
  BPM Use this for beam position monitor (not beam profile monitor) - see also beam_position_monitor.
  BTeV Pertaining to the BTeV Experiment at Fermilab
  CDF Pertaining to the Collider Detector at Fermilab
  Collimator Collimator
  Controls_X Control system development for Project_X
  D0 Pertaining to the D0 Experiment at Fermilab
  Dynamic_effects Dynamic_effects
  ESME ESME is a computer program to calculate the evolution of a distribution of particles in energy and azimuth as it is acted upon by the radio frequency system of a synchrotron or storage ring.
  Eberm The Electronic Berm is a radiation protection device which inhibits/allows beam permits by monitoring beam transport
  HOGS High Order Gradient Supply
  HOPS High Order Power Supply
  Java Pertaining to the Java software language and applications of it
  Lambertson Magnet in which the deflection region is separated from a nearly field free (no deflection) region by a septum of magnetic material (steel) perpendicular to the magnetic field lines.
  MPS Acronym for machine_protection_system
  MiniBooNE Pertaining to the first phase of the Booster Neutrino Experiment at Fermilab
  PIP Proton Improvement Plan
  Project_X Project to create high intensity proton linac at Fermilab
  QPM Quench Protection Monitor (for reporting quench in superconducting magnet).
  QXR Quadrupole eXtraction Regulator -- the system including power supply, quadrupole magnet, spill detector and software for controlling the rate of resonant extraction.
  RAW_system System to provide cooling with radioactive water
  Rogowski Referring to a flux measurement coil used for measurement of magnetic potential or to the physicist for whom it is named
  SBD Sampled Bunch Display -- an instrument system for measuring and reporting the beam time structure.
  SDA Pertaining to the Shot Data Analysis system for Fermilab shot analysis.
  Schottky Beam phenonema due to the descrete charge of beam and systems which measure or control beams based on that effect. At Fermilab also associated with tuned detector for beam measurements using Schottke noise.
  TESLA Proposed project to create the Tera Electron Volt Energy Superconducting Linear Accelerator
  Tuning Tuning
  ac_power Relating to 60 Hz electrical power distribution systems.
  acceleration Pertaining to the acceleration of particle beams.
  acceptance Pertaining to the phase space acceptance characteristics of a system.
  accumulator Pertaining to the Fermilab PBar Source Accumulator Ring.
  air_activation Pertaining to induced radioactivity in air
  alarms alarms
  alignment Concerning precision physical placement of devices or measurements of position
  antiproton Pertaining to antiprotons.
  aperture Pertaining to physical or dynamic limits for beam transmission.
  application_program Pertaining to a controls system program for accelerator control consoles
  autotune Program to use measurements of beam properties to control required changes in beamline power supplies.
  beam-beam_interaction Pertaining to the interaction of two beams in a colliding beam or beam cooling system.
  beam_abort Pertaining to beam transfer lines for fast removal of beams in a circular accelerator
  beam_dump Object or device for stopping and absorbing beam.
  beam_dynamics Concerning the motion of beams
  beam_instrumentation Devices for measuring properties of beams
  beam_lifetime Time for lost of 1/e of beam or rate of loss so expressed.
  beam_loading Pertaining to the voltages induced by beam in structures, especially in RF accelerating structures or effects pertaining to those voltage and their control.
  beam_loss Pertaining to beam not transmitted by system under observation.
  beam_loss_monitor Device to record beam loss from accelerator or transport line using ionization measurements.
  beam_permit Output of beam safety system which asserts that beam can be safely transported to specified controlled area.
  beam_position The position of a beam in one or more dimensions
  beam_position_monitor A Device for measuring the position of a beam
  beam_profile_monitor Device to record transverse shape of beam.
  beam_separation Beam separation
  beam_transfer Pertaining to any aspect of transfering beam into or out of an accelerator or beam line.
  beamline Pertaining to beam transfer lines including either Research Area beamlines or beam transfer lines in the Accelerator Complex.
  betatron Pertaining to the transverse oscillation in an accelerator or storage ring or to a betatron accelerator.
  booster Pertaining to the Fermilab Booster Synchrotron.
  bunch_coalescing Combining of longitudinal particle bunches
  bus Pertaining to a conductor of electrical current (typically the larger ones for the system under consideration).
  c_magnet A dipole magnet in which one of the side (parallel to the field direction) has no return yoke.
  calibrations Concerning either the values which define transfer functions for relating input to output values of a device or to the process of determining those calibration values.
  camac Pertaining to devices or systems conforming (in part or entirely) to the CAMAC standard for data acquisition.
  cathode electrode at negative electrical potential especially one which is used to emit particles
  chisox A data acquistion program for magnetic measurements at the Fermilab Magnet Test Facility. CHISOX runs on UNIX computers. It reads commands, calibrations and configurations from SYBASE tables and stores results in SYBASE tables.
  chromaticity For a synchrotron lattice, the tune change induced by a fractional momentum change.
  civil_construction Pertaining to the specification, design, construction, inspection or use of buildings, tunnels or supporting facilities.
  computers Refers to any electronic computer or computer system.
  conductor Pertaining to electrical conductors.
  console Accelerator control console hardware, environment, or software
  control_system system to communicate control information to devices or subsystems
  controls concerning hardware or software to control device or system
  corrector_magnets Any of several magnet designs used to compensate imperfections in a magnetic transport system.
  coupling Pertaining to coupled motion, especially as it applies to coupling beam motion in different directions such as horizontal to vertical or horizontal to longitudinal.
  crossing_angle The angle between beams in colliding beam or beam cooling region.
  cryogenic Relating to cryogenic systems or measurements of devices associated with those systems
  damper System to reduce or eliminate beam oscillations.
  database This keyword will be applied to both database software including relational database products like Oracle or SYBASE and to data storage systems which systematically store data in either formal database products or in suitably structure systems of files.
  datalogger Pertaining to systems for routinely acquiring, storing, and displaying accelerator parameters.
  dcct DC Current Transformer which is an instrument using zero flux techniques to measure a current. DCCT Instruments are available to measure both beam currents and magnet currents.
  debuncher Pertaining to the Fermilab PBar Source Debuncher Ring.
  decapole A magnet with decapole (10-pole) field configuration.
  decay_pipe Pipe in which particle decays of a secondary particle beam are used to produce a tertiary particle beam.
  deceleration The process of reducing velocity.
  digital_signal_processing Pertaining to devices, systems, algorithms or related items for processing signals in digital form.
  dipole A magnet with dipole (2-pole) field configuration.
  dispersion Concerning the displacement of particle orbits due to momentum differences
  document Identifies document which describes document system or guidelines
  eddy_current Relating to electrical current induced by changing magnetic fields or effects caused by them.
  electron_cooling Pertaining to cooling hadron beams using beams of electrons.
  electronics Any electronic device
  emittance A measure of a phase space property of a beam.
  energy_deposition Pertaining to the quanity of energy deposited.
  environment Pertaining to our surroundings, particularly with regard to controlling the degradation of them.
  es&h Pertaining to Environment, Safety and/or Health concerns
  extraction The process of removing a beam from a circular accelerator
  fbi Instrumentation system for Fast Bunch Integration.
  feed_forward A control scheme based on using ab initio input.
  feedback A control scheme based on using the output response as input.
  feeder Relating to ac power distribution feeder cables.
  ferrite Any of several magnetic substances that consist essentially of an iron oxide combined with one or more metals, especially hard ferrites used in permanent magnets and soft ferrites used in RF systems.
  field_measurement The process or result of determining a magnetic or electric field.
  field_quality A measure of the difference between desired field and field achieved.
  fixed_target Pertaining to an Accelerator Operating Mode for delivering accelerated beam to a stationary target or the facilities, devices and proceedures required for that mode
  fixed_target Pertaining to an Accelerator Operating Mode for delivering accelerated beam to a stationary target or the facilities, devices and proceedures required for that mode
  flat_beam A beam with large aspect ratio (in physical dimensions), especially one with large ratio of emittances
  flatcoil Refers to the hardware or software for carrying out the magnet measurements with FLATCOIL Procedures at the Fermilab Magnet Test Facility. These use point by point data acquisition on a flux measuring probe.
  flux Magnetic Flux or systems for measuring it.
  flying_wire A beam measurement instrument based on detecting radiation produced by the circulating beam striking a rapidly moving fiber.
  focusing_horn Pulsed magnetic device for focusing charged particles
  geodesy Science of determining the precise location of point on the surface of the earth.
  gradient Pertaining to the linear component of non-uniformity,magnet with dipole and gradient field, or rf accelerating gradient.
  groundwater Subsurface Water
  hadron_absorber Beamline element to absorb strongly interacting particles.
  hadron_monitor Device or system to monitor a hadron beam
  hall_effect The transverse voltage produced in a material when current is carried perpendicular to the magnetic field or magnetic field measurement techniques based on that effect.
  harmonics Referring to the general mathematical representation of a function by a harmonic (Fourier) series or more frequently to the measurement activitiy in which the HARMONIC representation of a magnetic field is determined or to the HARMONICS software program use at the Fermilab Magnet Test Facility.
  hlrf Pertaining to the High Level (high power level) Radiofrequency systems of the accelerator
  horn_power_supply The pulsed power supply that drives current through a focusing horn.
  horn_transmission_line The electrical connection between a horn power supply and a focusing horn.
  hysteresis Pertaining to an effect in which the response of a device a or device property to a decrease in a control parameter leads or lags the response to the increase in the control parameter. Particularly important for magnetic properties.
  impedance Ratio of current response to voltage excitation.
  injection Placing an beam into a trajectory in a circular or linear accelerator.
  instability Response which grows beyond control limits.
  instruments Pertaining to either physical instruments or to the software concepts developed to describe them.
  integration Concerning issues of coordination/integration between machines or between systems in a machine.
  interaction_region In a colliding beam or beam cooling facility, the region where the beams interact including those adjacent regions associated with creating the capibility to interact.
  interferometry measurement employing interference of waves
  intrabeam_scattering The scattering of particles within a beam on other particles in the same beam.
  ionization_profile_monitor An instrument for measuring beam position and profile using ionization created by the beam.
  kicker A deflection magnet with a rise time shorter than the circulation period in an accelerator.
  lattice Pertaining to the placement of devices in an accelerator or beamline
  lattice_function A function to describe the focusing properties of an accelerator lattice.
  lcw Low Conductivity Water
  leads Pertaining to the portion of an electrical conductor used for making connections.
  llrf Pertaining to the Low Level (low power level) Radiofrequency systems of the accelerator. These include beam and rf system feedback, controls and controls programming features of the acceleration system.
  low_beta The region where the transverse lattice beta function is small or the accelerator facilities, devices, proceedures and sequences required to create that effect.
  luminosity colliding beams interaction rate per unit cross-section.
  machine_protection_system A system to prevent damage to accelerator components especially beam induced damage.
  magnet A device which creates a magnetic field.
  magnet_current Pertaining to the current in an electromagnet or the measurement of it value or the calibration of devices for that measurement.
  magnetic_shielding Pertaining to shielding of magnetic fields.
  main_injector Pertaining to the Fermilab Main Injector.
  main_ring Pertaining to the Fermilab Main Ring Synchrotron.
  matching Pertaining to providing matching values especially values of beam optics properties as needed for lattice design, beam lines or beam transfer.
  measurement_station The collection of electronic and computing hardware which is used to execute measurements at the Fermilab Magnet Test Facility.
  measurements Activities which are used to determine quantitative values. Used especially for the activities which are associated with formal measurement procedures.
  measurer Referring to that personnel role. A person who carries out measurement activities.
  mechanical Relating to mechanical system.
  momentum Particle or beam momentum
  multipole Relating to one component of a field expansion when using a harmonic decomposition.
  multiwires Beam instrumentation device for measuring beam position and profile using an array of wires in vacuum.
  muon_monitor Device or system to monitor a muon beam
  negative _hydrogen Hydrogen ion with two electrons
  nmr Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and magnetic measurement techniques which utilize that effect.
  noise Refers to noise in signal measurement systems. This includes intrinsic noise and induced noise in electronic and mechanical systems.
  octapole A magnet with octapole (8-pole) field configuration.
  operations Concerning facility operations (accelerators, cryogenics, magnet test,....).
  orbit The trajectory of a beam as determined by its position at a series of locations.
  permanent_magnet Pertaining to magnets for which a substantial portion or all of their strength derives from permanent magnetic materials.
  persistent_current Superconducting currents which have been created and require no voltage to maintain, particularly those which are not linked via magnet leads.
  phase_space With reference to coordinates in both position and velocity or energy and time simultaneously.
  plasma A state of matter containing a significant number of electrically charged particles
  pointscan Refers to a magnetic measurement procedure at the Fermilab Magnet Test Facility in which the magnetic field is recorded at a series of points (ordered in space, time, current or other variable). Usually employs NMR or Hall Probe sensors.
  polarization Pertaining to the property of beam with alignment of spin
  polarized_beam A beam in which the particle spin direction is not random.
  power_supply Device to provide electrical power of specific form.
  primary_proton_beam The circulating or extracted proton beam and its transport system ahead of a target where secondary particles are produc
  probes Those devices consisting of one or more sensors which are used to measure physical properties such as magnetic fields.
  procedure Formally specified instructions for carrying out tasks.
  programming Concerning programs for computers, programmable logic controllers or other electronic devices.
  pulsed_magnet Pertaining to magnets with pulsed excitation (usually with millisecond. microsecond, or nanosecond rise times).
  quadrupole A magnet with quadrupole (4-pole) field configuration.
  quality_control Concerning quality control documentation, software and control parameters.
  quench Transition from superconducting state to non-superconducting state.
  radiation Pertaining to radiation, especially ionizing radiation or electromagnetic radiation.
  radiation_safety The subset of ES&H which deals with radiation: primary or secondary beams, their interaction or residual radioactivity.
  radiation_shielding Pertaining to shielding of radiation.
  ramps Pertaining to excitation profile of accelerator devices, particularly magnet current, RF voltage or related objects for accelerator control.
  recycler Pertaining to the Fermilab Recycler Ring.
  remanent_field Magnetic field with no exciting current.
  residual_radiation Induced radioactivity observed when accelerated beam is not present.
  resistive_wall_monitor A high frequency beam detector for study of time structure.
  resonance phenomena associated with oscillatory motion and stored energy.
  resonant_extraction Extraction of a accelerator beam by using resonant beam dynamics.
  rf Pertaining to radiofrequency systems (usually accelerating systems for the accelerators). See also LLRF, HLRF.
  safety Concerning safety, especially personnel protection.
  saturation Concerning a non-linear response at high excitation in which there is a less-than-proportional response to an excitation
  scattering Pertaining to scattering of particles (or light) such that the trajectory is modified.
  scraper Pertaining to device or system for beam size measurement made by moving a mechanical aperture limit to scrape beam.
  script_language high level computer language, originally for automating a manual task, usually interpreted rather than compiled.
  separator Electrostatic device for beam separation.
  septum A beam deflection device employing only a thin member between deflecting field and field free regions.
  sequencer a controls program for supplying commands to accelerator and beam line components in sequence.
  sextupole A magnet with sextupole (6-pole) field configuration.
  shielding device or system for reducing the effects of unwanted fields including ionizing radiation, electromagnetic radiation, magnetic or electric fields.
  shot_setup Concerning aspects of providing protons and antiprotons for collisions in the Fermilab Tevatron.
  simulation The imitative representation of the functioning of one system or process by means of the functioning of another.
  skew Relating to harmonic expansion terms of skew type
  snapshot pertaining to a data acquisition mode which gets a data in a high rate
  software Relating to Computer Software.
  software_tools Computer programs or combinations of those programs which carry out specified activities.
  spool A Tevatron component including beam pipe and vacuum connection which may contain one or more corrector magnets and some number of power leads.
  steel Concerning steel composition and properties, especially those electrical, mechanical or magnetic properties required of accelerator components.
  stochastic_cooling Pertaining to cooling beams using sampling techniques to correct deviations from the desired characteristics.
  stretched_wire Technique for magnetic field measurement which records flux changes on a loop including one or more stretched wires.
  survey radiation survey - use alignment or geodesy for mechanical position (but users may have done otherwise).
  symmetry Relating to symmetry properties of systems, devices or components
  synch_light_monitor Beam instrumentation system for measuring beam properties using synchrotron light.
  synchlight synchlight
  synchrotron_frequency Pertaining to the bunch oscillation frequency of particles captured in an RF Bucket.
  synchrotron_frequency Pertaining to the bunch oscillation frequency of particles captured in an RF Bucket.
  target a body to be bombarded by beam or mark to shoot at or align to
  temperature_flux_compensator Concerning materials which compensate temperature variations in magnetic circuits using materials with Curie Temperature selected to provide flux compensation.
  tevatron Pertaining to the Fermilab Tevatron Synchrotron.
  tevi Pertaining to the Fermilab P-Bar Source (DeBuncher or Accumulator) and related beam lines. Also to the TeV I Project which created colliding beams with the Tevatron.
  timeline The system for sequencing the operation of Fermilab accelerators which is coordinated using the Tevatron master reset.
  toriod A device with toroidal geometry, especially such a device used as a non-intercepting beam current measurement device.
  total_loss_monitor A beam loss monitor which measures losses in an extended region of the beam.
  training Pertaining to training of personnel.
  transition Characteristics of a synchrotron lattice pertaining to the energy at which the revolution time change due to a time decrement corresponding to a velocity increment is matched by the time increment due to increased path length.
  transition_crossing Time in acceleration cycle when beam energy crosses the transition energy.
  transition_jump Concerning lattice or RF manipulations to reduce the time when the beam energy is close to the transition energy.
  transition_radiation radiation from a charged particle passing through a material boundary
  transmission_line Linear device to carry an electrical pulse.
  tune Pertaining to the ratio of oscillation to circulation frequency in a circular device.
  utilities Relating to electrical power, water, low conductivity water, air conditioning, natural gas or other utility service.
  vacuum Pertaining to evacuated systems or devices to create them.
  wake_field electromagnetic field excited by a charged particle bunch
Muon Campus
  BOE Basis of Estimate
  MINOS Pertaining to the Main Injector Neutrino Oscillation Search Experiment at Fermilab and Soudan
  NuMI Pertaining to the Neutrinos at the Main Injector Project at Fermilab
  horn_bdot_monitor A pickup coil which monitors the magnetic field inside a focusing horn.
  horn_cross_hair Horiz and vert aluminum strips mounted at one/both ends of NuMI focusing horn as a means of aligning horn using losses
  horn_remote_clamp A remotely operated clamping mechanism that provides the connection between a horn transmission line and a focusing horn
  hot_work_cell A shielded work area for working on target hall items having significant residual radiation. Has a remote lift
  support_module Machined steel blocks for targeting system:mechanical support, cooling water, instrument connections, alignment
  target_baffle Water cooled graphite collimator upstream of NuMI target for primary proton beam which deviates from design trajectory.
  target_budal_monitor A targeting monitor which monitors targeting efficiency by measuring the delta-ray charge.
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