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Main Injector/NuMI BPM Scaling - Analysis of Main Injector HP602 and HP604 BPM Data from Traditional Main Injector and NuMI BPM Systems

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Bob Webber
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Bob Webber
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30 Aug 2004, 11:19
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30 Aug 2004, 11:19
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30 Aug 2004, 11:19
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03 Oct 2005, 09:36
The NuMI BPM system requires measurements from four BPMs in the Main Injector ring as well as down the NuMI beam line. Four Main Injector BPMs are now instrumented with both the traditional AM-PM processing system and Echotek digital receivers. Data from both systems was acquired on August 13, 2004, by Vickie Frohne, Alberto Marchionni, Peter Prieto, and Phil Schreiner in an effort to check and compare calibration of the two systems. Local horizontal beam bumps were used to move the beam at the horizontal 602 and 604 locations. This note is an analysis of that data.
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