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Luminosity Predictor

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Brian E. Drendel
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Brian E. Drendel
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27 Dec 2005, 09:34
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01 Feb 2006, 12:59
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01 Feb 2006, 12:59
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27 Dec 2005, 09:34
Using our standard equation for luminosity and the Inital Luminosity and Lifetime values from the supertable, I have found the predicted and actual curves do not match very well. This is an Excel tool that I created to predict the end of store luminosity conditions at any random time that I happen to look during the store. We start with the initial luminosities and lifetimes from the supertable to predict a luminosity curve. As the store progresses, we then input the lumberjack data for CDF and D0 to view the predicted and actual luminosity curves. Finally, we compare the preducted curve with the real lumberjack data and use the Excel solver to fit the lumberjack data. This allows us to generate a curve that allows us to better predict the luminosity curve during the later portions of the store. More details can be seen at

The idea is to have an idea of what the Luminosity curve will look like later in the store as early as possible early on in the store when operational plans need to be made.

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