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A Detailed Look at Closed Orbit Data for the Upgraded MI BPMs

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Robert K Kutschke
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Robert K Kutschke
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20 Feb 2006, 17:32
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20 Feb 2006, 17:33
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20 Feb 2006, 17:33
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20 Feb 2006, 17:32
This note presents a measurement of the closed orbit position resolution of the upgraded MI BPM system, using the 53~MHz component of the signal. It also measures the repeatability of the orbit over 291 instances of MI state 21, NUMI multi-batch. The position resolution for the vertical BPMs is measured to be less than 3~$\mu$m (1~$\sigma$) and the cycle-to-cycle beam position repeatability for the vertical BPMs is measured to be less than about 10~$\mu$m (1~$\sigma$); close to extraction, the cycle-to-cycle repeatability is at the level of the resolution of the BPMs, about 3~$\mu$m. For the horizontal BPMs the MI state studied does not provide a time interval during which the beam position is stable enough to easily measure the position resolution. This note presents some numbers, of order 10 to 15~$\mu$m that should probably be interpretted as upper limits. A related problem inflates the measurements of the repeatability of the orbits in the horizontal plane. It was also observed that the system drops about half of the data, making the effective closed orbit sampling rate about 250~Hz, not 500~Hz. Steve Foulkes has fixed this problem while I have been writing this up; the updated code should be installed at MI40 soon if it is not already.
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