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Monte Carlo estimate of impact parameter distributions from the diffusion coefficients measured with collimator scans

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Giulio Stancari
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Giulio Stancari
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11 Feb 2013, 21:35
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11 Feb 2013, 22:46
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11 Feb 2013, 22:46
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11 Feb 2013, 21:35
Transverse beam halo diffusion rates were measured in the Tevatron and at the LHC using collimator scans. These measurements were interpreted using a diffusion model of
collimation. From the diffusion coefficients as a function of amplitude, one can calculate the distribution of impact parameters, i.e. the depth at which particles impinge on the collimators. These distributions can significantly affect the efficiency of a collimator system. Particles are generated near a collimator and their trajectories are propagated around the machine including the diffusion processes measured in the LHC. When a particles reaches the limiting aperture, its coordinates and turn number are recorded. The results are compared with analytical estimates and with the assumptions commonly used for the LHC collimation system design and performance evaluation. A scaling law for the dependence of the average impact parameter on the diffusion coefficient and on the collimator parameters is suggested.
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