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Space-Charge Effects on Beam Rotation at the Compressor Ring

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Kingyuen B. Ng
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Kingyuen B. Ng
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18 Feb 2013, 11:42
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18 Feb 2013, 11:45
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18 Feb 2013, 11:45
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18 Feb 2013, 11:42
Bunch-width compression can be accomplished by rf rotating an elongated bunch with minimal energy spread. The longitudinal space-charge force counteracts the rf force. When it is larger than the rf force, the focusing effect of the rf will be lost completely. This possibility is studied with analytic formulas as well as simulations.
The transverse space-charge force can drive quadrupole breathing modes in the beam. If the frequencies of these modes fall into the stopbands of parametric resonances, especially the half-integer resonances, emittances will increase. Application is made to the bunch-width compression in the Fermilab Compressor Ring proposed by Alexahin and Neuffer [1], destined for pion and subsequently muon production.

[1] Y.~Alexahin and D.~Neuffer, Design of Accumulator and Compressor Rings for the Project-X Based Proton Driver,
Proceedings of IPAC2012, May 20-35, 2012, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, p.1260, 2012.

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