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Hard x-ray diffraction imaging at modern synchrotrons and free electron lasers: the role of iterative phase retrieval methods

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Fernanda G Garcia
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Fernanda G Garcia
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15 Aug 2013, 15:30
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15 Aug 2013, 17:07
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15 Aug 2013, 17:07
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15 Aug 2013, 15:30
In the last twenty years x-ray diffraction imaging methods have received an unprecedented boost due to the development of novel x-ray sources, optics and detectors, and the advances in data analysis algorithms. Modern 3rd generation synchrotron radiation sources and future x-ray free electron lasers provide the experiments with extremely powerful hard x-rays. This enables the realization of experimental hard x-ray microscopy, which can now be performed with sub-micron resolution in different imaging modalities. In particular, the implementation of the so-called phase retrieval algorithms permits the reconstruction of the sample image (its electron density, or optical transmission function) from the sole x-ray diffraction data, with a remarkable improvement in resolution. Modern synchrotrons thus enable a parallel development of retrieval method in crystallography and microscopy. My talk will review the development of synchrotron radiation sources, with specific attention to the Australian synchrotron, outlining the role of brilliance and coherence for x-ray crystallography and diffraction microscopy. Subsequently I will review the use of iterative phase retrieval methods in x-ray imaging and give specific examples from my research activity. Finally I shall introduce the possibility of utilizing such iterative methods to retrieve longitudinal profile of an electron bunch from the measurement of its spectrum.
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