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An ACNET Application Program to Measure the Energy Spread of Multi-turn Beam in the Booster at Injection

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Chandrashekhara M. Bhat
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Chandrashekhara M. Bhat
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21 Aug 2015, 12:04
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16 Sep 2015, 08:28
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16 Sep 2015, 08:28
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21 Aug 2015, 12:06
21 Aug 2015, 12:04
Abstract: We have developed an ACNET based console application program to be used to measure energy spread of injected proton beam from Linac, at the energy of 400 MeV. Depending on beam intensity requirement the injection process could take a number of Booster turns. As we launch the program it secures the control of a digitizing oscilloscope which has Booster Wall Current Monitor (WCM) signal at its input or warns if scope is being used by other users. It also provides user abilities to configure scope settings for optimal data acquisition, and to select a Booster beam event for the measurement. Subsequently, a special one-shot timeline is generated, with the approval from Main Control Room, to initiate the selected Booster beam event. An ACL script is used to read operational timeline before launching the 1-shot timeline, and to restore it afterwards. After the completion of injection from LINAC the script issues command to notch kicker to produce a gap in the injected beam. After the Booster event, this console program collects and analyses data to extract beam energy spread. We illustrate a case with an example.
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