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Booster LLRF Transfer Function Modeling

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Edward W. Cullerton
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Edward W. Cullerton
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19 Mar 2019, 14:19
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19 Mar 2019, 14:19
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20 Mar 2019, 09:02
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In this note, a simplified model of the Booster LLRF open loop transfer function is analyzed using MATLAB and Simulink Simulations, and the simulation results are compared to measured data. The MATLAB model simulates the mathematical transfer functions of phase in the s-domain. The gain, delay, and phase shift of the model can be adjusted to best match the measured data. The Simulink model is simulated in the time domain and is designed to simulate hardware components where possible. The response of the Simulink hardware model is shown to agree with the mathematical MATLAB model, giving increased confidence in the models.
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Booster LLRF
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