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A NUMI Wide-Band Beam Shield Design That Meets The Concentration Model Ground Water Criteria

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Alan A. Wehmann
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Alan A. Wehmann
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16 Jul 2003, 15:59
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16 Jul 2003, 15:59
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16 Jul 2003, 15:59
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This is NuMI Note B-155 (in PS form at ""), but in PDF form. It is dated June 13, 1996. This note describes a NUMI wide-band beam line shield design that is adequate for 3.7E20 120 GeV targeted protons per year. The adequacy of the design is determined from CASIM results that satisfy the standard Fermilab Concentration Model ground water criteria with no credit taken for any reduction in the calculated initial concentration due to mixing, dispersion, or radioactive decay. It assumes the three-horn design of Malensek, et al. commonly referred to as H6.6. The beam line is assumed to be centered in a cylindrical tunnel that is 6.6 meters in diameter located entirely in dolomite.
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