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Deletion of documents migrated to NOvA Document Database

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Alan A. Wehmann
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Alan A. Wehmann
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22 May 2008, 14:20
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04 Jun 2008, 17:49
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03 Jul 2008, 11:46
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This document reports the deletion of documents migrated to the NOvA Document Database. It includes a MS Excel workbooks with two worksheets. One worksheet shows the list of migrated documents that were deleted, and the other worksheet shows that list, combined with the list of documents still in this database--as of 5/22/08. The first worksheet shows the migration list with both sets of docid numbers--with hyperlinks to the NOvA DocDB copy.
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Notes and Changes:
This mass deletion was stimulated by the plans to use this database for more than just PP2/SNuMI. The new uses will be for the DUSEL Beamline Working Group and for the Machine - Experiments Interface Study Group. Both are 'chaired' by Jeff Appel. New topics have been added for these groups & new permission groups have been added as well. The database will be renamed as the 'Program Development' Document database.

The original list of migrated documents is kept in the NOvA DocDB as document #1815.

The update to this version was done to rid the duplication that occurred when I added an unnecessary, additional MS Excel workbook to version 1.

As per exchange of emails with Lynn Garren, I made this document public--so that she could put a link to it in a readily accessible place.

I modified the MS Excel workbook's worksheet that has links to the migrated documents in the NOvA DocDB, so that there is a column of password links and a separate column of certificate links.

Many of the migrated documents can be viewed/read in the NOvA Document database via use of the group "beams". This group has the same password as the "snumi" group in this DocDB (it is the same password as used by the BD DocDB).

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