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Eugene Lorman of Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory is listed as an author on the most recent version of the following documents:
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Beams-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
1848-v3 Seminar Talks of the Beam Instrumentation Techniques Meeting Series William J. Ashmanskas et al. Talks
31 Oct 2008
1262-v5 Synchrotron Light Monitor Front End Description Eugene Lorman et al. Instrumentation
SyncLite (SL)
29 Feb 2008
1738-v3 Sync Light ACNET Parameters Eugene Lorman et al. Instrumentation
SyncLite (SL)
29 Jan 2008
1098-v4 Synclite & AGI Harware Setup Eugene Lorman et al. Instrumentation
Abort Gap Measurements
SyncLite (SL)
29 Jan 2008
1790-v1 Generic 10MHz Digitizer Board Eugene Lorman et al. Talks
Intensity Measurements
25 Apr 2005
978-v1 Synclite Study During December Shutdown Harry Cheung et al. Instrumentation
Tevatron Group
SyncLite (SL)
11 Jan 2005
1389-v1 VME Base Addresses Eugene Lorman Ion Profile Monitor
SyncLite (SL)
Flying Wires
01 Oct 2004
1222-v1 MI BLT Operating Modes (Struck System) Eugene Lorman et al. Beam Instrumentation
Beam Line Tuner (BLT)
25 Jun 2004
1086-v1 Sync Light ACNET Parameters Willem Blokland et al. Instrumentation
SyncLite (SL)
25 Mar 2004
1053-v1 BLT Roadmap Eugene Lorman et al. Beam Line Tuner (BLT)
01 Mar 2004
980-v1 Instrumentations Presentation for Controls Working Group Eugene Lorman Talks
Controls Working Group
22 Jan 2004
613-v1 Digital Down Conversion Technology for Tevatron Beam Line Tuner at FNAL Eugene Lorman et al. Beam Line Tuner (BLT)
22 May 2003
603-v1 BDINSTSCOPE description Eugene Lorman LabVIEW
Beam Studies
14 May 2003
559-v1 LabVIEW-ACNET State Device Setting Eugene Lorman Acnet
17 Apr 2003
505-v1 LabVIEW SCC Setup Eugene Lorman LabVIEW
13 Mar 2003

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