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Alexey Burov of Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory is listed as an author on the most recent version of the following documents:
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Beams-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
8380-v1 Space Charge Effects for Transverse Collective Instabilities in Circular Machines Alexey Burov Accelerator Seminar
13 May 2020
7040-v1 Transverse Convective Instabilities of a Bunch with Space Charge Alexey Burov Accelerator Seminar
28 Jun 2019
6790-v2 First Results of the SCC simulation with electron lenses Yuri Alexahin et al. Transverse Dynamics
Beam Physics
08 May 2019
6076-v1 Landau Damping Using Electron Lenses in Future Circular Colliders Yuri Alexahin et al. Beam-beam Effects
Beam Physics
06 Feb 2018
4780-v1 On the Possibility of Using Landau Damping Octupoles in the Recycler Yuri Alexahin et al. Instabilities
Beam Dynamics
09 Mar 2015
4734-v2 E-Cloud Instability in the Recycler Alexey Burov Instabilities
Beam Dynamics
16 Jan 2015
4571-v1 Impedance, its Allies, and the Beam Guards Alexey Burov Accelerator Seminar
Beam Physics
15 Apr 2014
4472-v1 Nested Head-Tail Vlasov Solver: a New Powerful Program for Transverse Beam Stability Analysis Alexey Burov Accelerator Seminar
22 Oct 2013
3870-v1 Theory, observations and mitigation of dancing bunches in the Tevatron Alexey Burov Instabilities
Accelerator Seminar
26 May 2011
3655-v1 Theory of Beam Transverse Oscillations Alexey Burov Instabilities
Transverse Dynamics
05 Aug 2010
3647-v1 Three views on Landau damping Alexey Burov Instabilities
Transverse Dynamics
Longitudinal Dynamics
27 Jul 2010
3641-v1 Instabilities and Phase Space Tomography in RR Alexey Burov Instabilities
Transverse Dynamics
Beam Dynamics
20 Jul 2010
3618-v1 RF-driven modification of phase space distribution Alexey Burov RF
Beam Physics
27 May 2010
3614-v1 Instability Study in the Recycler Chandrashekhara M. Bhat et al. MI-RR-Group
Beam Dynamics
Electron Cooling
21 May 2010
3322-v1 Transverse Response of a Coasting Beam Alexey Burov Instabilities
Beam Dynamics
05 Mar 2009
3277-v1 HEAD-TAIL MODES FOR STRONG SPACE CHARGE Alexey Burov Instabilities
06 Jan 2009
3188-v1 Extracting the effective bandwidth of the transverse stochastic cooling systems from ‘standard’ cooling rate measurements Lionel R. Prost et al. Stochastic Cooling
20 Aug 2008
3109-v3 Longitudinal Schottky Tomography for a Rectangular Barrier Bucket Alexey Burov Stochastic Cooling
Beam Instrumentation
Electron Cooling
08 Jul 2008
3099-v1 ECool BPM Noise Analysis Alexey Burov Electron Cooling
21 May 2008
3046-v1 Check a lens by orbit-response Alexey Burov Recycler
03 Mar 2008
2966-v2 Optical Linearity of Ecool Line Alexey Burov Electron Cooling
03 Mar 2008
2907-v1 Summary of OTR measurements taken at the exit of the acceleration tube Lionel R. Prost et al. Beam Instrumentation
Electron Cooling
19 Oct 2007
2908-v1 Highlights of the YAG measurements carried out October 9-13, 2007 Lionel R. Prost et al. Beam Instrumentation
Electron Cooling
19 Oct 2007
2873-v2 Consolidating Fit for Corrector Optimization Alexey Burov et al. Alignment
20 Sep 2007
2866-v1 Beam Longitudinal Tomography for a Barrier Bucket Alexey Burov Stochastic Cooling
Beam Instrumentation
Electron Cooling
28 Aug 2007
2535-v1 Electron cooling at the Recycler: Update Lionel R. Prost et al. Accelerator Seminar
Electron Cooling
18 Dec 2006
2294-v2 Fitting of cooling measurements results Alexey Burov et al. Electron Cooling
19 Jun 2006
2031-v1 Dampers for Multi and Single bunch HT instability Alexey Burov Instabilities
29 Nov 2005
957-v1 Tevatron Transverse Dampers and Head-Tail effects Alexey Burov et al. Transverse Dynamics
C0 Lambertson Replacement
Run II
30 Dec 2003
915-v2 Beam - based vacuum measurements Alexey Burov et al. Vacuum
Run II
18 Nov 2003

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