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Consolato Gattuso of Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory is listed as an author on the most recent version of the following documents:
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Beams-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
8992-v2 ADAP-11-0004 Accelerator Division Implementation for Min-Safe Condition Consolato Gattuso Operations
17 Mar 2021
319-v3 Recycler Magnet Alignment Offset Consolato Gattuso Alignment
26 Sep 2019
5128-v1 Delivery Ring AIP Review Report Consolato Gattuso et al. Projects
31 Mar 2016
3475-v1 Tevatron IPM Discussion, October 15 2009 Jerry Annala et al. Tevatron
16 Oct 2009
3218-v1 Instrumentation-Systems-SDA meeting of October 1, 2008 Kevin Cahill et al. SDA
01 Oct 2008
2853-v3 Instrumentation-Systems-SDA meeting of August 1, 2007 David P Capista et al. SDA
09 Aug 2007
2821-v1 Instrumentation-Systems-SDA meeting of June 20, 2007 Timofei B Bolshakov et al. SDA
21 Jun 2007
2535-v1 Electron cooling at the Recycler: Update Lionel R. Prost et al. Accelerator Seminar
Electron Cooling
18 Dec 2006
2524-v1 Minutes/Action items of the Accelerator performance monitoring tools meeting, Sept. 28 2006 Jerry Annala et al. SDA
16 Oct 2006
2313-v2 Strip-Mining Chandrashekhara M. Bhat et al. Beam Dynamics
29 Jun 2006
2088-v1 Overview of Recycler Operations Consolato Gattuso Operations
09 Jan 2006
1574-v1 New Bunch Train Pattern for Tevatron Yuri Alexahin et al. Beam-beam Effects
11 Feb 2005
1477-v2 Projects in the Accelerator Division suited for University collaboration William J. Ashmanskas et al. SDA
15 Dec 2004
845-v1 Recycler vacuum work shutdown plan (Aug 2003) Consolato Gattuso Vacuum
24 Sep 2003
378-v1 The Recycler Ring Vacuum: A Comprehensive Report Terry G. Anderson et al. Vacuum
20 Jun 2003
702-v1 Recycler Ring Lifetime and Emittance Growth Terry G. Anderson et al. Vacuum
Stochastic Cooling
Beam Dynamics
08 Aug 2001
366-v2 Recycler Ring Aperture Scan: Summary of Results Saeed Assadi et al. Studies
31 Dec 2000
326-v1 Measurement of Oscillatory Modes in the Recycler Gradient Magnet Hangers: First RGF at Location 628D Consolato Gattuso et al. Magnets
26 May 1998

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