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Eric J Prebys of Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory is listed as an author on the most recent version of the following documents:
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Beams-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
740-v1 Instrumentation Breakout for DOE Run II Review July 2003 Keith E Gollwitzer et al. Talks
Beam Instrumentation
Beam Instrumentation
Beam Instrumentation
Beam Instrumentation
Electron Cooling
23 Apr 2020
5489-v1 Proposal to Use the Fermilab PIP-II Linac to Support a Low Energy Muon Program Adrian Hillier et al. PIP
05 Jun 2017
5221-v1 Beam Tests of Quartz Radiators for Precision Timing Profile Monitor Rachel Margraf et al. Instrumentation
25 Aug 2016
5203-v1 T1073 Technical Statement of Work (PTPM) David Hedin et al. Instrumentation
29 Jul 2016
5149-v2 Preview IPAC'16: APT Seminar Sergey Antipov et al. Accelerator Seminar
03 May 2016
5013-v2 Workshop on Booster Performance and Enhancements 23 Nov - 24 Nov Chandrashekhara M. Bhat et al. PIP
09 Dec 2015
5018-v3 Tests of Quartz Radiators for Beam Precision Timing Monitor Matthias Jamison-Koenig et al. Instrumentation
01 Dec 2015
5015-v1 Beam Precision Time Profile Monitor (LDRD Proposal) David Hedin et al. Instrumentation
30 Nov 2015
4999-v1 IOTA Proton Program Eric J Prebys FAST
Accelerator Seminar
10 Nov 2015
4955-v1 Fermilab Accelerator Science and Technology (FAST) Facility Eric J Prebys IOTA
24 Sep 2015
4854-v7 Modified Running Scenarios for the g-2 and Mu2e Experiments Phil Adamson et al. Mu2e
18 Jun 2015
4837-v1 RF Capture of Protons in the IOTA Ring Eric J Prebys IOTA
19 May 2015
4668-v1 Ionization Cooling for Muon Experiments Yuri Alexahin et al. Muon
16 Sep 2014
4243-v2 Compensating for injection slewing with Booster corrector magnets in the Project X era Eric J Prebys Upgrades
25 Oct 2012
3941-v1 A Review of the RFQ Based Pre-injector for the Fermilab Linac George E. Krafczyk et al. Linac
13 Sep 2011
3768-v1 Booster RF Uptime and Performance Eric J Prebys HLRF
07 Jan 2011
3752-v1 Booster RF Down Time Analysis (2005) Eric J Prebys Proton Plan
09 Dec 2010
3753-v1 Benefit of 19th Booster RF Cavity Eric J Prebys Proton Plan
09 Dec 2010
3510-v1 Educational Programs in Accelerator Physics at Fermilab Eric J Prebys Other
01 Dec 2009
3416-v1 Alignment Tolerances for Booster Correctors Eric J Prebys Alignment
24 Jun 2009
2925-v1 Optimizing AC Dipole Parameters for Beam Extinction Eric J Prebys Optics
24 Apr 2009
3220-v2 Preparation of Accelerator Complex for Muon Physics Experiments at Fermilab Chuck Ankenbrandt et al. Antiproton Source
28 Oct 2008
3197-v1 2nd Meeting on the Feasibility of a Muon g-2 Experiment at FNAL Keith E Gollwitzer et al. Upgrades
04 Sep 2008
622-v1 FERMILAB BOOSTER BEAM COLLIMATION AND SHIELDING Alexandr Drozhdin et al. Energy Deposition
02 Jun 2008
1223-v1 Commissioning of the Beam Collimation System at the Fermilab Booster. Alexandr Drozhdin et al. Beam Dynamics
02 Jun 2008
2812-v1 Using an ILC-Style 8 GeV H- Linac for a Muon to Electron Conversion Experiment Chuck Ankenbrandt et al. Proton Driver
Muon Collider R&D
14 Jun 2007
2632-v3 Coordinate System for New Booster Corrector Magnet System Craig C Drennan et al. Controls
Beam Dynamics
30 May 2007
2634-v0 Effect of Possible Furlough on the Fermilab Neutron Therapy Facility Eric J Prebys NTF
06 Feb 2007
2524-v1 Minutes/Action items of the Accelerator performance monitoring tools meeting, Sept. 28 2006 Jerry Annala et al. SDA
16 Oct 2006
2341-v1 Booster 30 Hz/Gamma-t Review Eric J Prebys Proton Plan
11 Jul 2006
2283-v3 Updated list of Projects in the Accelerator Division suited for University collaboration William J. Ashmanskas et al. SDA
12 Jun 2006
2240-v1 Rep. Rate and Beam Quality Issues for the Booster in the SNuMI Era Eric J Prebys Upgrades
17 Apr 2006
2178-v2 First Report of the Proton Study Group Sergei Nagaitsev et al. Operations
03 Apr 2006
2112-v2 Optimum Booster ORBUMP Magnet Configuration Eric J Prebys Upgrades
01 Feb 2006
2014-v1 MiniBooNE and NuMI – Why do they need so many protons? Eric J Prebys Accelerator Seminar
01 Nov 2005
1900-v1 Report to the Fermilab Director by the Proton Committee Chuck Ankenbrandt et al. Upgrades
18 Jul 2005
1868-v1 A Proposed Extraction System for the Fermilab Booster Chuck Ankenbrandt et al. Extraction Lattice
10 Jun 2005
1817-v1 Status of the Proton Plan Eric J Prebys Upgrades
11 May 2005
1477-v2 Projects in the Accelerator Division suited for University collaboration William J. Ashmanskas et al. SDA
15 Dec 2004
1441-v1 The Proton Plan Bruce Baller et al. RF
11 Nov 2004
1430-v2 Booster Corrector System Specification David J. Harding et al. Controls
05 Nov 2004
506-v2 Booster Dogleg Studies (Run II Meeting) Eric J Prebys Run II
13 Mar 2003

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