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Dennis J Nicklaus of Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory is listed as an author on the most recent version of the following documents:
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Beams-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
3414-v1 HINS 325 MHz Cavity Test Cave Documentation Rick Bossert et al. ACNET
Project X
27 May 2020
1019-v1 Antiproton Source Debuncher BPM using Synchronous Detection James A. Budlong et al. BPM
Front-end Systems
28 Apr 2020
4990-v1 CMTS-1 ACNET Naming Scheme Elvin Harms et al. ACNET
21 Oct 2015
3702-v2 NML Acnet Naming Conventions Kermit Carlson et al. NML
30 Aug 2012
3324-v1 Instrumentation-Systems-SDA meeting of March 4, 2009 Craig R. McClure et al. Tevatron
Main Injector
10 Mar 2009
3189-v2 Controls Planning Charles Briegel et al. Controls Working Group
17 Nov 2008
2934-v22 Project X Control System Requirements Suzanne Gysin et al. Controls
Project X
27 Feb 2008
2752-v7 Wire Scanner Application Requirements Document for LHC Elliott S McCrory et al. General
06 Nov 2007
2892-v2 Wire Scanner Application, Release of Version 0 Jerry Cai et al. General
09 Oct 2007
2754-v5 LHC Tune Application Jerry Annala et al. General
16 Jul 2007
2753-v3 Profile Fit Libary Requirements Document for LHC Elliott S McCrory et al. General
12 Jun 2007
2755-v4 LHC Synchrotron Radiation Monitor Application Requirements Elliott S McCrory et al. General
23 May 2007
2729-v1 SDA Time Intervals API Timofei B Bolshakov et al. SDA
05 Apr 2007
2040-v1 Secure Client Tier for the Accelerator Control System Dennis J Nicklaus et al. Java Appl Framework
Java Data Acquisition
06 Dec 2005
2020-v2 Summary of the ICALEPCS 2005 Conference Charles Briegel et al. Front-end Systems
Power Supplies
Accelerator Seminar
07 Nov 2005
1567-v6 Documentation on Tev flying wire Transverse emittance OAC TEMITF Nathan Eddy et al. Instrumentation
Flying Wires
Flying Wires
Instrumentation/beam Physics
14 Mar 2005
605-v1 MI/RR Damper George W. Foster et al. Dampers
Run II
16 May 2003
530-v1 Longitudinal Dampers for the Main Injector George W. Foster et al. Dampers
Beam Instrumentation
25 Mar 2003

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