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Steve Werkema of Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory is listed as an author on the most recent version of the following documents:
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Beams-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
4854-v7 Modified Running Scenarios for the g-2 and Mu2e Experiments Phil Adamson et al. Mu2e
18 Jun 2015
4716-v1 The Fermilab Muon Campus - The Experiments, Projects, and Status Steve Werkema Projects
Accelerator Seminar
25 Nov 2014
4012-v6 Accelerator Division Impact Statement for the TAPAS Proposal Steve Werkema Antiproton Source
05 Dec 2011
3881-v3 Issues Associated with the Coordination of the Mu2e and Muon g-2 Experiments Steve Werkema Mu2e
Antiproton Source
27 Jun 2011
3220-v2 Preparation of Accelerator Complex for Muon Physics Experiments at Fermilab Chuck Ankenbrandt et al. Antiproton Source
28 Oct 2008
2825-v4 Correcting the Accumulator Extraction Energy and Phase Steve Werkema RF
28 Jul 2008
2956-v1 Instrumentation-Systems-SDA meeting of December 5, 2007 Jerry Annala et al. SDA
10 Dec 2007
2949-v1 Debuncher Transverse Cooling Measurements - Fall 2007 Steve Werkema Stochastic Cooling
04 Dec 2007
2913-v1 Debuncher Transverse Cooling Measurements - Fall 2006 Steve Werkema Stochastic Cooling
01 Nov 2007
2824-v1 Stacktail Beam Transfer Function Measurement Procedure Steve Werkema Stochastic Cooling
26 Jun 2007
2663-v1 Calculation of the Longitudinal Emittance of Unstacked Antiprotons from Wall Current Monitor Data Steve Werkema Longitudinal Dynamics
Antiproton Source
22 Feb 2007
2645-v1 Record Luminosities at the Tevatron & Future Potentiality Steve Werkema Tevatron
Main Injector
Antiproton Source
20 Feb 2007
2415-v1 Correct the Accumulator Extraction Energy Steve Werkema Accumulator
25 Aug 2006
2220-v1 Losses at AP50 During Stacking Steve Werkema Debuncher
Run II Upgrades
30 Mar 2006
633-v1 A New Antiproton Beam Transfer Scheme without Coalescing Weiren Chou et al. Beam Transfer
Longitudinal Dynamics
Beam Dynamics
28 May 2003

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