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Norman M. Gelfand of Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory is listed as an author on the most recent version of the following documents:
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Beams-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
2568-v1 Possible explanation of tune drifts in Tevatron Norman M. Gelfand Magnets
29 Nov 2006
2377-v1 Muon Sources for HCC test Steve Geer et al. Muon Collider R&D
03 Aug 2006
2100-v1 Calculation of the Effect of a Tilt (Pitch) on the Position of the IP at B0. Norman M. Gelfand Alignment
11 Jan 2006
1518-v2 The Effect of Misalignment in the Tevatron. Norman M. Gelfand Alignment
10 Jan 2005
1489-v1 The Effect of Reshimming of the Tevatron Dipoles (Summer,2004) to Correct the a1 Moment on the Calculated Skew Quadrupole Correctors. Norman M. Gelfand Magnets
07 Dec 2004
1290-v1 Reshimming the Tevatron Dipoles- 8/2004 Norman M. Gelfand Magnets
04 Aug 2004
1249-v1 Discussion of the Effect of Reshimming on the Coupling in the Tevatron Norman M. Gelfand Magnets
13 Jul 2004
1160-v1 Summary of TeVatron Spool Data. Norman M. Gelfand Magnets
05 May 2004
956-v1 BLASTMAN Proposal Dennis D Box et al. Magnets
26 Dec 2003
179-v2 Magnetic Field Quality Specification for Recycler Ring Combined Function and Quadrupole Magnets Norman M. Gelfand et al. Magnets
23 Jul 2003
184-v1 A Low ß, High Dispersion Insert for the Recycler Ring Norman M. Gelfand Magnets
07 Jul 2003
297-v1 Dynamic Aperture for the Recycler Lattices RRv16 and RRv17 Norman M. Gelfand Beam Dynamics
18 Jul 1997
285-v2 Effects of the Longitudinal Variation in the Magnetic Field in the Recycler Combined Function Magnets Norman M. Gelfand Magnets
20 Feb 1997
234-v1 Rectangular Combined Function Magnets Norman M. Gelfand Magnets
28 Jan 1997
233-v2 Effect of the Measured Sextupole Moment of the Recycler Magnets on the Chromaticity and the Dynamic Aperture Norman M. Gelfand Magnets
11 Dec 1996
232-v1 Characteristics of the RRv9 Lattice as Determined from Tracking and Calculations of the Effects of the High Order Multiple Moments Listed in MI-0170 Norman M. Gelfand Magnets
05 Dec 1996

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