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Manfred Wendt of Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory is listed as an author on the most recent version of the following documents:
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Beams-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
5156-v1 LHC Beam Instrumentation Challenges Manfred Wendt Accelerator Seminar
12 May 2016
3613-v1 Systems-Instrumentation-SDA meeting of May 11, 2010 Jerry Annala et al. Tevatron
Main Injector
18 May 2010
3475-v1 Tevatron IPM Discussion, October 15 2009 Jerry Annala et al. Tevatron
16 Oct 2009
3343-v1 HINS Beam Dynamics & Diagnostics Mini-Workshop Jean-Paul Carneiro et al. Adv. Accelerator R&D
Beam Dynamics
Beam Instrumentation
Future Accelerators
20 Mar 2009
3248-v1 Proposal for Experiments and Upgrades at the A0 Photoinjector Mike Church et al. Photoinjector
14 Nov 2008
1848-v3 Seminar Talks of the Beam Instrumentation Techniques Meeting Series William J. Ashmanskas et al. Talks
31 Oct 2008
3218-v1 Instrumentation-Systems-SDA meeting of October 1, 2008 Kevin Cahill et al. SDA
01 Oct 2008
3097-v1 Impressions from the 13th Beam Instrumentation Workshop BIW2008 Vsevolod Kamerdzhiev et al. Accelerator Seminar
21 May 2008
3067-v2 Instrumentation-Systems-SDA meeting of April 2, 2008 David P Capista et al. SDA
08 Apr 2008
2435-v1 Specification for a MI BPM diagnostics program Marv Olson et al. BPM
Beam Instrumentation
01 Sep 2006
2012-v4 MI-BPM Upgrade Cable Specification Marv Olson et al. BPM
25 Jul 2006
2283-v3 Updated list of Projects in the Accelerator Division suited for University collaboration William J. Ashmanskas et al. SDA
12 Jun 2006
2274-v1 Analog Signal Pre-Processing For The Fermilab Main Injector BPM Upgrade Stefano M Rapisarda et al. BPM
22 May 2006
1958-v2 Antiproton Beam Position Measurements with Prototype Equipment at MI-30 Charles Briegel et al. Beam Instrumentation
19 Sep 2005
1865-v1 Combiner Board Slides from MI BPM 6/7/05 Meeting Bob Webber et al. BPM
09 Jun 2005
1780-v1 Proton and PBar Beam Measurements in the Main Injector Peter Prieto et al. BPM
13 Apr 2005

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