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Alex H. Lumpkin of Argonne National Laboratory is listed as an author on the most recent version of the following documents:
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Beams-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
8509-v1 Submicropulse Electron-Beam Dynamics Correlated with Short-Range Wakefields in TESLA-type Superconducting rf Cavities Alex H. Lumpkin Accelerator Seminar
24 Jun 2020
4393-v2 Applications of Undulator Radiation at ASTA: High-power Beam Diagnostics and an XUV FEL Alex H. Lumpkin Instrumentation
28 Jun 2013
4133-v1 Beam Instrumentation Workshop 2012 Summary Nathan Eddy et al. Instrumentation
30 May 2012
4020-v1 ASTA/NML Transverse Profile Station: Testing and Installation Amber S Johnson et al. ILCTA
13 Dec 2011
3396-v1 Report: Temporal jitter studies at the A0 photoinjector Timothy J Maxwell et al. Beam Instrumentation
18 May 2009
3248-v1 Proposal for Experiments and Upgrades at the A0 Photoinjector Mike Church et al. Photoinjector
14 Nov 2008
1848-v3 Seminar Talks of the Beam Instrumentation Techniques Meeting Series William J. Ashmanskas et al. Talks
31 Oct 2008
2931-v1 ODR Imaging of ILC Lepton Beams Alex H. Lumpkin NML
09 Nov 2007
2930-v1 OTR Imaging Considerations for ILC-TA at NML Alex H. Lumpkin NML
09 Nov 2007
1825-v1 Development of an Optical Transition Radiation Detector for Profile Monitoring of Antiproton and Proton Beams at FNAL Alex H. Lumpkin et al. OTR
12 May 2005

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