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Sharon L. Lackey of Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory is listed as an author on the most recent version of the following documents:
See documents with Sharon L. Lackey on any version.

Beams-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
3414-v1 HINS 325 MHz Cavity Test Cave Documentation Rick Bossert et al. ACNET
Project X
27 May 2020
2569-v6 High Intensity Proton Source Naming Convention Sharon L. Lackey et al. Controls
Project X
21 Feb 2011
3013-v2 Booster BPM Documentation Sharon L. Lackey BPM
Front-end Systems
Beam Instrumentation
Front-end Documentation
26 Oct 2009
3446-v2 How to Install edm Sharon L. Lackey Console Applications
11 Sep 2009
3260-v3 The Fermilab Control System Kevin Cahill et al. ACNET
19 Dec 2008
3189-v2 Controls Planning Charles Briegel et al. Controls Working Group
17 Nov 2008
3154-v4 Autosave at HINS Sharon L. Lackey Proton Driver
21 Jul 2008
3121-v1 Saving and Restoring Epics devices at HINS and HTS Sharon L. Lackey ILCTA
Proton Driver
17 Jun 2008
3111-v1 HINS Alarms Sharon L. Lackey Proton Driver
07 Jun 2008
2934-v22 Project X Control System Requirements Suzanne Gysin et al. Controls
Project X
27 Feb 2008
2205-v1 ACNET vs. EPICS at Fermilab Sharon L. Lackey ACNET
15 Mar 2006
2020-v2 Summary of the ICALEPCS 2005 Conference Charles Briegel et al. Front-end Systems
Power Supplies
Accelerator Seminar
07 Nov 2005
1001-v9 Design of an Interaction Region at C0 in the Tevatron Jerry Annala et al. CZero IR Development
26 Mar 2005
998-v1 Synoptic Display -- a Client-Server System for Graphical Data Representation Timofei B Bolshakov et al. Java Data Acquisition
Console Applications
04 Feb 2004
323-v2 Beam Position Monitors for the Fermilab Recycler Ring Ed Barsotti, Jr. et al. BPM
Beam Instrumentation
29 Apr 1998

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