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Giulio Stancari of Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory is listed as an author on the most recent version of the following documents:
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Beams-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
8422-v0 Detuning with amplitude for the IOTA McMillan lens Brandon Cathey et al. IOTA
Beam Physics
20 May 2020
8245-v2 Data storage options for IOTA/FAST experiments Giulio Stancari IOTA
Beam Physics
23 Apr 2020
7363-v1 Proposing an experiment at IOTA/FAST Daniel R. Broemmelsiek et al. IOTA
Beam Physics
06 Jun 2019
6697-v1 Coupling Impedance Measurement and Analysis of Critical Vacuum Chamber Components for the APS-U Giulio Stancari Regular Meetings
Accelerator Seminar
11 Sep 2018
4822-v2 Electron Lenses for Experiments on Nonlinear Dynamics with Wide Stable Tune Spreads in the Fermilab Integrable Optics Test Accelerator Giulio Stancari Accelerator Seminar
01 May 2015
4758-v1 The Fermilab Integrable Optics Test Accelerator (IOTA) Giulio Stancari NML
Beam Physics
08 Feb 2015
4612-v1 Electron lenses for the Large Hadron Collider Giulio Stancari Accelerator Seminar
03 Jun 2014
4581-v1 Analysis of the ASTA rf gun solenoid scans Giulio Stancari et al. NML
Beam Physics
21 Apr 2014
4475-v1 Halo scraping and collimation of high-intensity hadron beams with hollow electron lenses Giulio Stancari Tevatron
Beam Physics
05 Nov 2013
4284-v2 On the possibility of demonstrating ionization cooling with proton beams on an internal hydrogen target in the IOTA ring at the Fermilab ASTA facility Vladimir Shiltsev et al. Beam Physics
17 Feb 2013
4290-v1 Monte Carlo estimate of impact parameter distributions from the diffusion coefficients measured with collimator scans Giulio Stancari Beam Physics
11 Feb 2013
3927-v1 Diffusion model for the time evolution of particle loss rates in collimator scans: a method for measuring stochastic trasverse beam dynamics in circular accelerators Giulio Stancari Collimators
Transverse Dynamics
25 Aug 2011
3905-v1 Collimation with hollow electron beams Giulio Stancari Collimators
Adv. Accelerator R&D
18 Jul 2011
3872-v1 Collimation with hollow electron beams Giulio Stancari et al. Collimators
Adv. Accelerator R&D
25 May 2011
3855-v1 Bunch-by-bunch measurement of transverse coherent beam-beam modes in the Tevatron Giulio Stancari et al. Instrumentation
Tune Measurement
Transverse Dynamics
Beam-beam Effects
22 Apr 2011
3542-v2 Calibration of BPMs in TEL2 and electron-proton alignment for tune-spread studies with Gaussian guns in the Tevatron Alexander L. Romanov et al. Beam-beam Compensation
01 Feb 2010
3515-v1 Magnetically confined electron columns and high-energy hadron beams Giulio Stancari Collimators
Adv. Accelerator R&D
Beam-beam Compensation
Future Accelerators
Project X
04 Dec 2009
3476-v1 Summary of TEL2 Activities Giulio Stancari Studies
Tevatron Group
09 Nov 2009
3016-v1 Production, transport and laser trapping of radioactive francium beams for the study of fundamental interactions Giulio Stancari Accelerator Seminar
30 Jan 2008

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