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Fernanda G Garcia of Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory is listed as an author on the most recent version of the following documents:
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Beams-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
6538-v1 Booster Beam Emittance Dependence on LINAC Beam Current Chandrashekhara M. Bhat et al. Booster
22 Jul 2018
6330-v1 Fermilab Workshop on Megawatt Rings & IOTA/FAST Collaboration Meeting (Day 1) Chandrashekhara M. Bhat et al. PIP
09 May 2018
5286-v1 Closeout - Recommendations and Comments Fernanda G Garcia PIP
30 Nov 2016
5274-v1 Timetable Fernanda G Garcia PIP
22 Nov 2016
5265-v1 Welcome / Charge / Motivation Fernanda G Garcia et al. PIP
22 Nov 2016
5200-v1 PIP Status Report Meeting Ken Domann et al. PIP
27 Jul 2016
4893-v1 PIP Status Report Meeting Trevor A Butler et al. Upgrades
22 Jul 2015
4852-v2 PIP Status Report Meeting Ryan Crawford et al. PIP
03 Jun 2015
4021-v2 PIP – Linac Modulator Specification Data Trevor A Butler et al. PIP
22 Sep 2014
4649-v5 PIP Linac Notcher - September Readiness Review Jean-Paul Carneiro et al. Upgrades
13 Aug 2014
4546-v2 Beam Energy Spread in the Booster at Injection Chandrashekhara M. Bhat et al. Projects
Beam Dynamics
19 Feb 2014
4538-v1 PIP General Info Fernanda G Garcia PIP
11 Feb 2014
4256-v3 PIP - Linac Startup Plan Fernanda G Garcia Operations
05 Dec 2012
3985-v1 PIP - Linac:7835 Procurement Strategy Fernanda G Garcia Upgrades
02 Nov 2011
3948-v2 Toroid Requirements in the Linac Craig C Drennan et al. Beam Instrumentation
20 Sep 2011
3747-v1 PreAcc/Linac Downtime Statistics Fernanda G Garcia Pre-Accelerator
08 Dec 2010
3729-v2 Machine Operating Description - Linac Fernanda G Garcia Operations
08 Dec 2010
3667-v1 Continued Monitoring of the Conditioning of the Fermilab Linac 805 MHz Cavities Fernanda G Garcia et al. Operations
09 Sep 2010

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