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These documents on Beam ramp studies (subtopic of Tevatron) are available:
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Beams-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
847-v1 Tevatron ionization profile monitor - conceptual design report Mark J Bowden et al. Emittance
Ion Profile Monitor
Beam Transfer
Beam ramp
02 Oct 2003
802-v1 Status of Work on Helix up the Ramp Yuri Alexahin Optics
Run II
Kickers and Separators
Beam ramp
20 Aug 2003
799-v1 On Pbar Losses up the Tevatron Ramp Paul Lebrun Beam ramp
20 Aug 2003
746-v2 Optimizing the total number of pbar at low beta Paul Lebrun Beam ramp
30 Jul 2003
680-v1 Beam losses at injection energy and during acceleration in the Tevatron Paul Lebrun et al. Multiparticle
Beam ramp
20 Jun 2003
610-v1 losses at start of acceleration Alvin Tollestrup Sampled Bunch Display (SBD)
Beam ramp
21 May 2003
535-v1 Proton losses during acceleration in the Tevatron Ron Moore et al. Beam ramp
07 Apr 2003
475-v1 Commissioning of the Tune Drift Compensations System in the Tevatron Jerry Annala et al. Tevatron Tune
Beam ramp
Beam Studies
03 Mar 2003
241-v1 Beam Losses on Tevatron Ramp Wolfram Fisher Beam ramp
13 Dec 2002
222-v1 Observation of Antiproton Loss Before Collision Xiaolong Zhang Beam ramp
13 Dec 2002

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