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These documents on Miscelaneous Document on Main Injector (subtopic of Main Injector) are available:
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Beams-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
3523-v1 Residual Radiation Monitoring in the Main Injector with the ROTEM RAM DA3-2000 Radiation Survey Meter Bruce C. Brown Other
27 May 2020
2475-v1 Reminder of Some Beams DocDB Features Bruce C. Brown et al. Other
22 May 2020
925-v1 Notes on Transferring MI-Notes to the Beams Document Database Bruce C. Brown Other
28 Apr 2020
919-v1 Notes for Secretaries on Using the Beams Document Database Bruce C. Brown Other
24 Apr 2020
553-v3 Notes on the Beams Document Database Bruce C. Brown Other
23 Apr 2020
416-v1 Notes for MI/RR Group Meeting of 22 Jan 2003 Bruce C. Brown MI-RR-Group
Beam Instrumentation
Beam Instrumentation
23 Apr 2020
21-v1 A Stretcher Ring in the MI Tunnel Stanley M. Pruss et al. Other
12 Feb 2020
4947-v2 Operation of SEY Test Stand Experiment at MI-10 Jeffrey Eldred Other
Beam Instrumentation
06 Sep 2017
5042-v1 Tipping Analysis for 3 Point Stands Kris A Anderson Other
Design Properties
11 Jan 2016
2316-v1 Thoughts on Collimation David E. Johnson Other
22 Apr 2008
2178-v2 First Report of the Proton Study Group Sergei Nagaitsev et al. Operations
03 Apr 2006
2187-v1 Specifications for the Proton Driver Injection Absorber David E. Johnson Other
Proton Driver
07 Mar 2006
522-v1 Main Injector LeCroy Oscilloscopes James A. Fitzgerald Controls
Beam Instrumentation
21 Mar 2003
245-v1 Measurements of Coalesced Proton Bunch Lengths in the Main injector and Tevatron Ron Moore Other
13 Dec 2002
149-v2 Thoughts on FMI Application Programming, CHEP95 and the Main Injector C. Shekhar Mishra Controls
05 Oct 1995
134-v2 List of papers submitted to the 95 PAC, Dallas, TX, May 1-5, 1995. Management of Main Injector Project Other
01 May 1995

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