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These documents on Dampers (subtopic of Tevatron) are available:
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Beams-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
3958-v1 Documentation of longitudinal blow ups from store 7237 to store 9158 Cheng-Yang Tan Dampers
30 Sep 2011
3869-v1 Stopping the Dance in the Tevatron Cheng-Yang Tan Dampers
19 May 2011
3698-v1 Frequency Spectrum of Pbars from Stripline Sum Cheng-Yang Tan Dampers
20 Oct 2010
3612-v3 Pbar Blowups Cheng-Yang Tan Dampers
22 Sep 2010
2534-v1 Short Summary on Tev Dampers Operation Vladimir Shiltsev et al. Dampers
19 Oct 2006
1337-v2 notes from Instrumentation/Beam Physics Meetings Nathan Eddy et al. DCCTs
Ion Profile Monitor
Intensity Measurements
SyncLite (SL)
Instrumentation/beam Physics
Tune Measurement
Sampled Bunch Display (SBD)
Abort Gap Measurements
Flying Wires
29 Mar 2005
1597-v1 The Tevatron in January 2005 Cheng-Yang Tan Studies
Tevatron Tune
Run II
Longitudinal Dynamics
Beam Studies
03 Mar 2005
957-v1 Tevatron Transverse Dampers and Head-Tail effects Alexey Burov et al. Transverse Dynamics
C0 Lambertson Replacement
Run II
30 Dec 2003

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