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These documents on Beam-beam Compensation (subtopic of Tevatron) are available:
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Beams-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
5116-v1 Long Range Beam-Beam Effects in the Tevatron p-pbar Collider Run II: Operational Realities & Corrections/TELs Vladimir Shiltsev Beam Physics
Beam-beam Compensation
25 Mar 2016
3542-v2 Calibration of BPMs in TEL2 and electron-proton alignment for tune-spread studies with Gaussian guns in the Tevatron Alexander L. Romanov et al. Beam-beam Compensation
01 Feb 2010
3515-v1 Magnetically confined electron columns and high-energy hadron beams Giulio Stancari Future Accelerators
Project X
Adv. Accelerator R&D
Beam-beam Compensation
04 Dec 2009
3433-v1 Tune spread control with Tevatron Electron Lens Alexander L. Romanov Multiparticle
Beam-beam Compensation
03 Aug 2009
3185-v1 Stacked Transformer Modulator Development Progress Greg Saewert Tevatron Tune
Beam-beam Compensation
14 Aug 2008
3106-v0 Fast abort gap cleaning using Tevatron Electron lenses Vsevolod Kamerdzhiev Operations
Beam-beam Compensation
02 Jun 2008
2699-v2 Operating TEL2 Vsevolod Kamerdzhiev Operations
Beam-beam Compensation
10 Jul 2007
2809-v1 Demonstration of beam-beam compensation with electron lenses in the Tevatron Yuri Alexahin et al. Beam-beam Compensation
12 Jun 2007
2797-v1 TEL Vacuum Interlock Modules Greg Saewert Beam-beam Compensation
05 Jun 2007
2794-v1 Seva's talk at the APD meeting 05/30 Vsevolod Kamerdzhiev Beam Physics
Beam-beam Compensation
30 May 2007
2606-v1 Beam-Beam Compensation of Protons with TEL2 Vsevolod Kamerdzhiev et al. Adv. Accelerator R&D
Beam-beam Compensation
10 Jan 2007
2425-v1 TEL-2 commissioning Vsevolod Kamerdzhiev Beam-beam Compensation
29 Aug 2006
2350-v1 Electron Beam Generations and Control in Tevatron Electron Lenses Vsevolod Kamerdzhiev et al. Adv. Accelerator R&D
Beam-beam Compensation
17 Jul 2006
2290-v1 Beam-Beam Compensation in the Tevatron and LHC Yuri Alexahin et al. Beam-beam Compensation
11 Jul 2006
2291-v1 The 2nd Tevatron Electron Lens and tests of a new electron gun in the framewok of Beam-Beam Compensation project Yuri Alexahin et al. Beam-beam Compensation
11 Jul 2006
2006-v1 BBC status report Vladimir Shiltsev Beam-beam Compensation
27 Oct 2005
1842-v1 Status of the BBCompensation project Vladimir Shiltsev Beam-beam Compensation
24 May 2005
1802-v1 TEL-2 Test Results Vladimir Shiltsev et al. Beam-beam Compensation
02 May 2005
1563-v1 TEL BBC Status Vladimir Shiltsev Beam-beam Compensation
03 Feb 2005
1391-v1 Compensation of beam-beam effects in the Tevatron with wires Bela Erdelyi et al. Beam-beam Effects
Beam-beam Compensation
04 Oct 2004
1111-v1 Study of Long-range collisions and wire compensation for Tevatron RunII Bela Erdelyi et al. Beam-beam Compensation
07 Apr 2004
842-v2 Report on TEL current/position fluctuations studies, A.Kuzmin, V.Shiltsev Vladimir Shiltsev Beam-beam Compensation
13 Oct 2003
608-v1 Status of Beam-Beam Comepensation with Electron Lenses in Tevatron Vladimir Shiltsev Beam-beam Compensation
19 May 2003
599-v1 LARP: BBcompensation in Tev Vladimir Shiltsev Adv. Accelerator R&D
Beam-beam Compensation
09 May 2003

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