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These documents on Acnet (subtopic of Instrumentation) are available:
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Beams-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
604-v2 Increasing the Range of Recycler IBEAM James L. Crisp et al. Beam Instrumentation
22 Aug 2003
899-v2 Operations of the New MI and RR DCCT front-end Tom Meyer Beam Instrumentation
Beam Instrumentation
Data Acquisition
03 Mar 2004
3252-v2 An ACNet Front-end Based EPICS Gateway Duane C Voy Front-end Systems
08 Sep 2010
3153-v1 ClassACNet - Object Interface to MOOC/ACNet Duane C Voy Acnet
Front-end Services
08 Jul 2008
2109-v1 The Compact Ethernet Communication (CEC) Protocol Greg Saewert Acnet
Beam Instrumentation
Electron Cooling
24 Jan 2006
1016-v1 A Simple Protocol for Data Exchange With Small Processors Glenn C. Johnson et al. Acnet
Java Data Acquisition
12 Feb 2004
559-v1 LabVIEW-ACNET State Device Setting Eugene Lorman Acnet
17 Apr 2003
479-v2 Specifications for an emittance OAC Jerry Annala et al. Acnet
Data Acquisition
06 Mar 2003
357-v1 Recycler Flying Wire ACNET parameters Alberto Marchionni et al. Acnet
Flying Wires
Flying Wires
28 Jan 2003
409-v1 Console Library for the Beam Line Tuners Tom Meyer Beam Instrumentation
Beam Line Tuner (BLT)
27 Jan 2003
341-v3 The Main Injector SBD for Studiers Willem Blokland et al. Beam Instrumentation
Console Applications
Data Acquisition
Sampled Bunch Display (SBD)
15 Feb 1999

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