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Separating Pbars by Time

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Robert K Kutschke
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Robert K Kutschke
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14 Apr 2004, 13:53
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20 Apr 2004, 11:59
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08 Jun 2004, 14:12
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This note looks at test data for plan B for the Tevatron BPM upgrade, measurement of the Pbar position by gating the electronics to acquire data only when Pbars are present but protons are absent. The data from April~8 are discussed in detail, showing many fine structures at various phases of a shot. This work uncovered a problem with the Pbar resolution which was ultimately traced to a problem with the filters used on the Pbar cables. It is also shown that the problem can be solved by adding appropriate filters. The note concludes with a list of open questions, the most important of which is understanding and eliminating a large step in the proton position. The step is probably an artifact of the details of the timing used for this test and can be addressed in several ways.
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