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Babatunde Oshinowo
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Babatunde Oshinowo
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28 Apr 2004, 14:29
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15 May 1997, 00:00
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15 May 1997, 00:00
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28 Apr 2004, 17:47
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28 Apr 2004, 16:53
28 Apr 2004, 16:01
15 May 1997, 15:25
The objectives of this document are to relate Fermilab to a global coordinate system, to define a mapping projection and establish all the coordinate systems that will be used at Fermilab and for the Fermilab Main Injector (FMI) project, and to describe all the parameters that are necessary for the several coordinate systems. The main objective is to define a new assimilated DUSAF coordinate system for the Fermilab site. This implies that the new system will have the same origin and coordinate axes definitions as the DUSAF coordinate system. The Survey Alignment and Geodesy (SAG) group, has defined a Fermilab Site Coordinate System (FSCS) for the site and a Local Tunnel Coordinate System (LTCS) for the FMI project. A Double Stereographic Projection has been adopted to define both coordinate systems.
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This note is previously referred to as MI-0209. However, it was not properly included in the MI note series.
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