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Time and Data Distribution Systems at the Fermilab Accelerator

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Robert J. Ducar
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Robert J. Ducar
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07 May 2004, 10:14
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07 May 2004, 10:14
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07 May 2004, 10:14
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The operation of the Fermilab accelerator has become increasingly complex over the last several years with the commissioning of the Tevatron and P-Bar Source. Four special purpose communication links have been developed to broadcast time, beam synchronization, and machine data.
These links have greatly facilitated the multi-mode operation of the accelerator complex. The most sophisticated of these links is the Tevatron Clock (TCLK). Up to 256 unique events may be encoded onto TCLK with typical resolution of 100 nanoseconds. 123 events have been assigned to date. Beam Sync clocks have been implemented for both the Main Ring and Tevatron. These clocks operate at approximately 7.5 MHz and are derived from the Main Ring and Tevatron RF systems. Beam diagnostics, beam transfers between machines, and placement of colliding proton and p-bar bunches are coordinated by encoded events on these clocks. A custom integrated circuit was designed to accommodate detection of the serially encoded events present on both Tevatron and Beam Sync clocks with a minimum of circuit overhead. The final link, MDAT, broadcasts machine data -most notably the value of bending current for both the Main Ring and Tevatron. Each of these links is distributed throughout the accelerator complex and is integrated into a significant number of control system components.
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D. Beechy and R. Ducar, "Time And Data Distribution Systems At The Fermilab Accelerator", Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A247 (1986)
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