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Data Acquisition and Analysis for the Collider RunII

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Paul Lebrun
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Paul Lebrun
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23 Jun 2004, 09:47
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26 Jun 2004, 09:36
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26 Jun 2004, 09:36
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25 Jun 2004, 06:52
23 Jun 2004, 09:47
Operating and improving the Fermilab Accelerator complex for the colliding beam experiments requires advanced software methods and tools. The Shot Data Acquisition and Analysis system (SDA) has been developed to fulfill this need. The SDA system takes a standard set of critical data at relevant stages during the complex series of beam manipulations leading to $\sqrt(s) \approx 2$ TeV collisions.

Data is stored in a relational database, and is served to automated programs and users via Web based tools. Summary tables are systematically generated during and after a store. Written entirely in Java, SDA supports both interactive tools and application interfaces used for in-depth analysis. In this talk, we present the architecture and described some of our unique analysis tools. We also present some salient results on the recent Tevatron performance, as illustrations of the capabilities of SDA.

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SDA Controls
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To be published in the proceeding of ICAP04
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