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Tevatron BPM Upgrade: Cancellation of Proton Signal on

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Robert K Kutschke
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Robert K Kutschke
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25 Aug 2004, 17:08
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25 Aug 2004, 17:11
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26 Aug 2004, 11:39
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25 Aug 2004, 17:08
This note presents the anti-proton positions at HA34 and VA35 using three different datasets to calibrate the subtraction of the proton contamination on the anti-proton cables. The best results are obtained when data from a shot is used to calibrate itself. When data from an earlier shot is used for calibration, the quality of the cancellation is much poorer. During HEP running, the different calibrations give anti-proton positions which differ by as much as 220~$\mu$m. The calibrations derived from earlier shots give rise to a severe instrumental artifact: the anti-protons appear to move by as much as 1.5~mm during the 9 steps of anti-proton injection. The note also presents some thoughs on how to improve the calibration. Finally it presents the ratio of the proton sum signals for HA34/VA35.
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