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Tevatron Tune Fitters, 1.7 GHz & 21.4 MHz: Sept 04 Status report

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Paul Lebrun
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Paul Lebrun
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10 Sep 2004, 09:40
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16 Sep 2004, 07:54
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31 May 2005, 16:25
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Status Report on recent analysis of taken during the end of the FY04 run, on both 1.7 GHz and 21.4 MHz Schottky detectors. (i) 1.7 Ghz Emittance Corrections & fitting error modeling (ii) 21.4 MHz un-coalesced data for TeVChromaticity Java application (iii) Joint Analysis of both system of tunes during HEP stores.
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Tune Tevatron
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Corrected the 1.7 GHz emittance correction for intensity. The amplitude of the signal is suppose to be proportional to the intensity, not - as previously and erroneously - assumed to the sqrt(i). No conclusions change, except that the ratio of Pbar to Proton vertical emittance does not agree at all with the ratio of these emittances coming from flying wires. The normalization factor is different for pbar and protons.
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