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Residual Radiation Hints for Aperture and Alignment Issues in the Main Injector

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Bruce C. Brown
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Bruce C. Brown
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30 Sep 2004, 10:37
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18 Jan 2005, 11:28
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18 Jan 2005, 11:28
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30 Dec 2004, 16:26
A radiation survey of Main Injector components was conducted in preparation for the 2004 Fermilab Facility Shutdown. This was part of effort to locate regions of the Main Injector which require attention to alignment in preparation for the high intensity operation required for NuMI and MINOS. Several regions have been identified which exhibit residual radiation of more than 500 mrem on contact. These locations raise concerns in that the Main Injector will likely operate with more than 5 times the injected intensity within a year. At least one pattern has been identified and explored in the regions showing high radiation. It involves the beampipe minitube at the upstream end of MI Defocusing Quadrupoles in Regular Cells. This note will introduce the issues and review some of the data which is now available.
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