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Bunching for Shorter Damping Rings for the ILC

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David V Neuffer
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David V Neuffer
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28 Oct 2004, 11:02
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09 Nov 2004, 15:27
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09 Nov 2004, 15:27
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A variant rearrangement of the bunch trains for the ILC that enables much shorter damping rings is presented. In a particular example the ~2280 bunches are regrouped into ~450 subtrains of five adjacent bunches. These subtrains are extracted from the damping rings at ~2.2 ms intervals, obtaining the 1ms macrobunch length of the baseline TESLA collider scenario. If the baseline damping rf frequency is 325 MHz and the kicker rise and fall times are ~20 ns, a ring circumference of ~4.5km is required. Variations of the scheme could easily reduce the circumference to ~3km, and faster kickers could reduce it even further.
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