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How Mismatched Phases on the BPM Cables Affect Postion Measurement

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Robert K Kutschke
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Robert K Kutschke
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12 Nov 2004, 18:09
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12 Nov 2004, 18:12
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15 Nov 2004, 17:07
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I have made a very crude model of phase mismatch between the A and B signals from a BPM and computed the error in the position measurement which results from this phase mismatch. In this crude model, a phase mismatch of 1 degree of 53.1 MHz, causes a shift in position of about 10~$\mu$m. A position bias due to phase mismatch has the right scale to explain the unresolved problem with the proton position which was described in Beams-doc-1197. However a phase mismatch produces too small an effect to explain the problem with the anti-proton measurement which was described in the same document.
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