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Debuncher Asymptotic Width Calculator Spreadsheet

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Brian E. Drendel
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Brian E. Drendel
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17 Nov 2004, 09:57
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04 Jun 2009, 08:48
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04 Jun 2009, 08:48
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04 Jun 2009, 07:14
17 Nov 2004, 09:57
The Excel spreadsheet is designed to be used with the procedure outlined in Pbar 2004 Elog #462 at target=_top and Pbar 2009 Elog #168 at

Spectrum Analyzer traces are captured to the Elog. The image files are then saved locally and are opened in Microsoft Digital Image Suite. The pixel position of the peak is noted, and the speadsheet calculates vertical pixel where the 3dB and 10dB droppoff occur. From this, Digital Image Suite can be again used to find where these vertical locations intersect the distribution horizontally. With this data the speadsheet calculates the frequency width. Following the procedure in the above mentioned elog entry can allow you to get a rough measure of the final asymptotic width.

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