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Thermal Tests of an Insulated Coil

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Ruth A. Becker
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Bruce C. Brown
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10 Dec 2002, 17:07
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23 Apr 2010, 14:02
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23 Apr 2010, 14:03
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07 Jul 2003, 13:25
10 Dec 2002, 17:07
On August 25, 1995, a series of thermal tests were done on a 4-m, Tesla-insulated coil, IDCL040ET (a coil intended for use as a lower
coil in an IDC dipole; it has a thru-bus). This coil has a number of defects in the potting process, including three in between the coil and the
thru-bus, near the lead end. The tests were done under the supervision of the authors, and participants included: Frank Juravic, Gregg
Kobliska, Arie Lipski, Jay Hoffman, and Bill Pritchard. The objective of the tests was to see the effects, if any, on the defects, from stresses
induced by temperature gradients between the thru-bus and the coil. The tests were continued to higher temperature gradients on August
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Wrong file in place until April 2010. .html is incomplete. .pdf is image of original paper copy.
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