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Beam Position Scan of Tev VPA33 BPM with Upgraded Electronics.

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Michael A. Martens
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Michael A. Martens
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29 Dec 2004, 15:04
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29 Dec 2004, 15:07
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29 Dec 2004, 15:07
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29 Dec 2004, 15:04
The BPMs in the A3 house of the Tevatron are outfitted with the Tev BPM upgrade electronics. As a test we measured the response of the BPM system to changes in the closed orbit. The results are presented and compared to a rudimentary model of the Tev stripline BPMs. The upgraded BPM electronics performed as expected and, with minimal beam intensity, provided closed orbit measurements with about 0.04 mm rms resolution. The results of the measurement are in qualitative agreement with the simple model of the BPMs, but differ in magnitude. Compared to the model the BPM response (defined as the change in reported position divided by the actual position change) is 25% less than expected. The measured change in intensity as a function of beam intensity is also less than predicted by the simple model. (Probably the model is too simple to accurately predict the actual response of the stripline pickups.)
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