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Effect of coupling on 1.7 GHz Schottky tunes

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Andreas Jansson
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Andreas Jansson
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14 Feb 2005, 09:37
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30 Mar 2005, 11:08
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30 Mar 2005, 11:10
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14 Feb 2005, 09:37
It has been pointed out that the tunes measured by the 1.7 GHz Schottky pickups in the Tevatron are affected by coupling. Due to the width of the betatron bands at 1.7 GHz, it is not possible to resolve the two normal mode frequencies. Rather, the devices rely on geometry to resolve the horizontal and vertical motion, and the tunes are derived from the center of the frequency distribution in each plane. It is well known that in a coupled machine operating close to the coupling resonance, the normal modes may be inclined. This causes a mixing of the signal from the two normal modes into the horizontal and vertical signals of the Schottky. The conclusion is that the 1.7 GHz essentially measures the uncoupled tunes of the machine.
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Schottky coupling tune
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Added supporting OPTIM calculations using Valerie Lebedev's Tev Model.
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