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Betatron Cooling for the Recycler

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Ruth A. Becker
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Monica A Neuffer
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11 Dec 2002, 16:22
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10 Apr 1996, 00:00
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10 Apr 1996, 00:00
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23 Jul 2003, 13:31
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11 Dec 2002, 16:22
The design of the transverse stochastic cooling system for the Recycler appears to be straight-forward. The strong intrabeam scattering in
the longitudinal phase space makes it difficult to achieve adequate momentum cooling rates with stochastic cooling system bandwidths of 4
GHz. The transverse growth rates are expected to be smaller, resulting in lower demands on the cooling system.

The heating rate from intrabeam scattering is calculated to be nearly 0 (growth times greater than 20 hours) for the expected momentum
spread of 0.02 to 0.03%. The growth time becomes as short as 20 hours only for an emittance of 0.5p mm-mrad. This small an emittance
would probably be avoided in practice because of the increased momentum heating rate from intrabeam scattering. Coulomb scattering from
the residual gas would result in an emittance growth rate of about 0.2p mm-mrad/hr for a partial pressure of 10-10 Torr of CO. The momentum
cooling system will also heat the transverse planes. The heating rate primarily on the construction of the kicker, but one might expect a heating rate of 0.1p

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