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Third Order Calculation of Beam Position

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Robert K Kutschke
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Robert K Kutschke
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07 Jul 2005, 17:49
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28 Jul 2005, 17:48
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28 Jul 2005, 17:48
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12 Jul 2005, 16:05
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07 Jul 2005, 17:49
This note works out the third order estimate for the beam position, for use with the upgraded Tevatron BPMs, including
corrections for the unmeasured coordinate. The note includes figures that illustrate the residual error that remains after the corrections are made. Code to implement the correction has been placed in the DocDB along with this writeup. The main result of the paper is in Figure 5, which
shows the accuracy that can be achieved online and Figure 6, which shows the accuracy that can be achieved offline. There is one important caveat: the treatment of the coupling between the electrodes may not be complete.
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Notes and Changes:
Added a study of the $y$ dependent corrections. The new
sections are 8 and 9. There are small changes to the conclusions. The new figures are 10 through 13.
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