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Requirements for a Consolidated Lattice Functions Database for the Tevatron Complex

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Valeri A Lebedev
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Valeri A Lebedev
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27 Sep 2005, 10:37
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10 Mar 2006, 11:58
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10 Mar 2006, 11:58
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29 Sep 2005, 11:15
27 Sep 2005, 10:40
27 Sep 2005, 10:37
Several important applications exist that require the values of lattice functions. This is prominently true for the Tevatron, but it is presumed to be true also for other accelerators and beam lines in the Tevatron Complex. Currently, there exists several ways to obtain these numbers, including asking an expert and writing numbers into the source code.
A sensible solution is to create a single source of these numbers that is used division-wide. This document lists the assumptions and the requirements for the data source that provides these numbers. These requirements are presented, in a numbered list with a short justification. It is anticipated that when these requirements are stated and agreed upon by all affected parties, specifications for the database can be written, and implementation will begin.
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