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Preparing the SNS Injector for feeding the Spallation Neutron Source

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Milorad B. Popovic
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Milorad B. Popovic
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14 Nov 2005, 16:36
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14 Nov 2005, 16:36
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14 Nov 2005, 16:36
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The Spallation Neutron Source is DOE’s largest civilian construction project. Operation will start in the spring of 2006. Over the following 3 years the pulse length, the rep rate, and the current will be ramped up to generate 1.4 MW on the target. This will make SNS the world’s most powerful accelerator, with its ring accumulating 1GeV protons with peak currents of 50 A. Sixty times each second the accumulated 1.5×1014 protons will be dumped into the Hg target within less than 0.7 ms, reaching peak power levels in excess of 30 GW. The injector availability will reach 99.5% in 2009 to meet the 95% beam availability expected by the users.
In 2002, when the pre-commissioned Front-End were recommissioned at ORNL, we spent 24 hours per week repairing and reconditioning the ion source and LEBT. Since then the availability was greatly increased through a range of significant improvements. I will also discuss the role of our ion source test stand in assuring that we can meet the future requirements.
In addition I will discuss the planned power upgrade to 2-3 MW, which requires an increase of the ion source current by over 50% without a drastic increase in emittance or decrease in availability.
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