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High current density and high brightness H- sources for accelerators

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Yuri Alexahin
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Yuri Alexahin
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20 Dec 2005, 12:20
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20 Dec 2005, 12:20
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20 Dec 2005, 12:20
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With the development of Compact Surface-Plasma Sources (CSPS) for charge-exchange injection a record intensity of circulating beams has been reached, and during 25 years H- beam parameters were good enough for support of operation of large-scale accelerator complexes without significant modification. With the use of the SPS an intensity of polarized negative ion beam was increased dramatically. Now is time for further improvement of H- ion source parameters. Possibilities for improving the SPS characteristics will be discussed.
Features of compact surface-plasma sources (CSPS) with a high emission current density ( j>1 A/cm2) of negative ions will be considered. The CSPS have high plasma density, high emission current density. They are very small, simple and effective, have a high brightness in noiseless mode of operation, and high pulsed gas efficiency. The CSPSs are very good for pulsed operation and continuous operation during many months has been achieved. Negative ion formation, charge-exchange cooling of H- below 1 eV, high brightness beam extraction, formation, transportation, space charge neutralization, brightness preservation, instability dumping will be discussed. Practical aspects of SPS design, simulation and operation, gas pulsing , cesium admixture control, lifetime enhancement of selected SPS will be described and compared.
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