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Optimum Booster ORBUMP Magnet Configuration

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Eric J Prebys
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Eric J Prebys
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25 Jan 2006, 16:19
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01 Feb 2006, 14:29
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01 Feb 2006, 14:29
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25 Jan 2006, 16:19
The upcoming upgrade/reconfiguration of the Booster injection girder will require three magnets, of the six which have been built by the Technical Division. In order to choose the best configuration, all possible three magnet combinations were investigated. The figure of merit was the absolute value of the maximum closed orbit diction at any point in the ring caused by the net dipole moment of the three magnet combination, both at injection and while the fields are ramping down. In the end, the combination 4-5-1 was chosen, both because of the small closed orbit distortions that this combination leads to, and because there exist alternatives for each of the three magnets, which also yield acceptable orbit distortions and can be substituted in the case of a magnet failure.
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Fixed SIGNIFICANT typo in the abstract: 4-1-6 -> 4-5-1
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